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Feeling Good

I could break into song and sing Nina Simone but that may drive the few of you that read my dribble away. 😉

Today is the warmest it has been in some time and amazing how a few rays of sunshine can lift spirits. I know the dreaded polar vortex seeks to make a return tonight but I am going to enjoy the moment for now that the thermometer reads above 40 degrees. I am not anti-cold or winter but let’s just say I was born in the summer and love running through the grass barefoot. I do know that the seasons are necessary and provide a nice rest for the ground and this won’t last forever but I must say these artic blasts have been a doozy.

Despite the frigid temperatures, the show must go on and that includes heading out of the house. Last week we braved the chill for another round of 4-H Microsoft classes. These classes have been informative to the kids but also to me. I am excited about the skills they have picked up and I am thinking of how to incorporate them into their schooling. Thinking a video montage of their work as an end of the year project. 🙂



Switching gears, I am 2 weeks and counting in terms of being gluten free. I feel so much better (hence the post title). I am reading more labels and my kids are helping and making me laugh through the process. Last week we went to the feed supply store for some chicken goodies and my son wanted some Starburst. I purchased 2 packs and he gave one to his sis. The rest of the convo went like this:

Son: “mom, what flavor would you like?”
Me: “thanks but I am not interested”
Daughter: “you know she isn’t eating gluten”
(Both furiously reading the wrapper)
Daughter/son (in unison): “mom these are gluten free”
Me: “that is good to know but I still don’t want any”

They are reading more labels now as well.  Hubby is also being supportive – he promptly ate most of the gluten free snickerdoodles that I made.  If you follow me on Instagram you will see some of the yumminess that I have been making.  I made brownies on Saturday and they didn’t even make it to Sunday evening so I must whip up another batch of those like stat!  You will also see the gluten free goodies that didn’t make the cut.

I so enjoy Pinterest and bloggers that share their gluten free recipes….huge thanks to all of you!  My favorite right now is Gluten Free Canteen.  I like Lisa’s baking style and her momma’s brownies are just super duper amazing!!!

Wishing you and yours a great Monday and that we will all look forward to Thursday when the weather patterns are due to change and become more seasonable.

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The Week That Was


Wow, the first week of the year was a busy one!!!!  So busy in fact, all the planned blog posts fell into the polar vortex that was a big part of last week.  We literally dove right in to the week with an out of the house activity everyday.  So, yes, even on those frigid days – we left the house.  This is far from typical – on average we do leave the house 3 days out of the week .  So, what were we doing, you might ask…….let me tell you.

Monday – our speech club resumed from holiday break.  So, we schooled in the morning and then speech club for the afternoon.  I teach the juniors and being our second semester – we gently introduce them to speech categories like extemporaneous and apologetics.  We also delve into debate as the semester continues.  For many, this is their first introduction to these categories, so we aren’t hard and fast with the rules like NCFCA is for the competitors.

Tuesday – this was a c-o-l-d day but piano practice beckoned.  I dropped the kids off and did some grocery shopping since I was already out of the house.  Returning home and sitting in front of the fire was a treat.

Wednesday – this is our co-op day.  We started our winter session so that meant new classes.  I am teaching a math class based on Math Counts and I still have the little ones for PE/Health.  I knew that I wasn’t scheduled for anything for our 3rd hour so I thought it was nap free time.  This is one of the reasons reading is important boys and girls….once I finally read the entire class schedule, I realized I was scheduled for Moms in Prayer.  I had no idea what this was but went off to meet up with the 2 other moms.  God knows what we need and this hour spend in prayer for our children, the children of the other moms, our co-op, and others was truly a blessing.  I am excited that this session, I can stand in the gap with the other moms. (If you have never heard of this group, it is international, click the link to learn more.  We adapted it for homeschool purposes)

Thursday – this was our first meeting day for our 4-H Trailblazers club.  It is a homeschool club and we are excited about the opportunities ahead.  There were a few other new members that were welcomed and the installation of new officers.  The kids participated in a geospatial teach back done by the older kids and engaged in planning for this year.  I continue to pray that this will be a nice fit for our family.

Friday – we headed off to the Microsoft store for another class via the 4-H program.  It was a movie making class and the kids had a great time.  They allowed them to take the Surface tablets and go around the store and take pics or video and they used MovieMaker to edit the movie, add special effects, music and more.  All of the kids did a great job and were given flash drives to put their movies on and take home.  We played ours on the tv for hubby when we returned home.  He was amazed at what they had done.  🙂

Whew!  The weekend had more to-do items and Friday night included dropping off/picking up the Princess at a birthday party.  All in all, I am thankful and grateful for the opportunities, safe traveling mercies and the relationships that were nurtured during the course of the week.  Hopefully, I can adjust to our new schedule quickly and develop a nice rhythm for our family.

I’ve also been reading up more on my thyroid condition – more to come on that later.

Happy Monday!!!

Finding the Time

It has been some time since I have inhabited this space in the blogosphere. You may notice that my address has changed as I let my domain name go for now and went back to being hosted at WordPress. Debating whether or not, that name will go forward with me or am I headed for a reinvention. Either way, I appreciate those that stop by here and keep track of my musings.

As a quick re-cap, our school year has started. We have made tweaks and I feel as if we are in a good place. Of course, trying to instill some new skills within myself and the children can always pose a new set of challenges. Challenges or not, we must all keep swimming. The garden is winding down and I was successful at planting some fall greens – so a few types of kale, mustard, spinach and turnip greens are growing like weeds. I need to get my hands on some straw to put a nice covering on for the winter. The chickens are still meandering around. We have farmed out some older gals and introduced some younger girls but they are seemingly getting along. All in all, I have no complaints.

Last Friday, we had to travel to New Jersey to attend the funeral of my Great-Great-Aunt Rosie. She was 104 when she passed and lived a full and blessed life. I blogged about her 100th birthday party here.

Here is a pic we took in July right after she turned 104. She was so lucid and even cracking jokes so it was hard to acknowledge that within 3 months she is now gone from our lives.


A sweet little cousin told my kids after the funeral that he would see them at the next funeral. Yes, kids say the darnedest things but it reminded me of my word for this year. I do a lot with my hubby’s family and need to be more intentional about establishing and reconnecting bonds with my side of my family. Amazing how in the 10th month of the year, I get the kick in my pants that I needed from an 8 year old. 😉

There are other ways in which I am seeking to be intentional. One is in the area of creativity. My creative nature has been consumed by lots of other stuff and while most is good stuff (other is just stuff that must be done) it is not the creative stuff that makes my heart sing. Finding the time in the midst of my day seems to be an issue and I have noticed that I am not alone in the pursuit after reading this and this.

So, what am I going to do about it? I started last week with setting some goals and making plans for what I would like to accomplish and I plan to set aside some time every day to work on those goals and plans. The key is getting started, so I hope by planning and doing something everyday, I will develop a habit over the next 30 days that will serve me well in the days, weeks, and months to come.

Wish me luck!

Graduation Overload

It is that time of the year, everywhere we look there are graduation celebrations occurring and lots of happy faces. I have fond memories of my graduations from high school, college, and graduate school. My high school graduation was held in the same building that my dad graduated from and graduations are still held there. College was on Mother’s Day and it was h-o-t but the moms didn’t seem to mind. Graduate school was indoors and even though I wasn’t chosen as the graduation speaker, I think the guy chosen was fabulous. So, you may be asking yourself, where is she going with this……well, Webster’s Third New International Unabridged Dictionary, copyright 1986 defines graduation in definition 2a as: the act of completing a phase of one’s formal education; especially the act of receiving a diploma, certificate, or degree from a school, college, or university.

So, could someone please explain how we have devolved to having graduation ceremonies for every grade starting with pre-K? What in the world happened to being promoted? A cute little girl from church told me she was graduating from pre-K and I told her that she was being promoted to Kindergarten. Yes, call me Debbie Downer but I refuse to embrace this new trend. Nothing is “special” any more. The high school student’s graduation is mentioned in the same sentence as the pre-K graduation as if they are equivalent. People WAKE UP they are not the same measure of achievement.

We are lulling these kids into thinking that they have accomplished something special and yes finishing that grade is special but it is not the same as completing high school which represents a cumulative process that began when they were young. What will they do if/when they go to college – there is no hey, you finished your freshman year graduation ceremony. They are being programmed to expect some type of celebration after each year and that is not life.

In our current economic and global system, a high school diploma is really not enough. College is mandatory and still our youth are not guaranteed to find employment. Take a moment to google world education rankings, we are far behind others so shouldn’t we stop this foolishness of graduation ceremonies and focus more on preparing our children to function in the real world?

Have a party at home to celebrate but reserve the cap & gown for true milestones like high school, college, etc.