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Feeling Good

I could break into song and sing Nina Simone but that may drive the few of you that read my dribble away. 😉

Today is the warmest it has been in some time and amazing how a few rays of sunshine can lift spirits. I know the dreaded polar vortex seeks to make a return tonight but I am going to enjoy the moment for now that the thermometer reads above 40 degrees. I am not anti-cold or winter but let’s just say I was born in the summer and love running through the grass barefoot. I do know that the seasons are necessary and provide a nice rest for the ground and this won’t last forever but I must say these artic blasts have been a doozy.

Despite the frigid temperatures, the show must go on and that includes heading out of the house. Last week we braved the chill for another round of 4-H Microsoft classes. These classes have been informative to the kids but also to me. I am excited about the skills they have picked up and I am thinking of how to incorporate them into their schooling. Thinking a video montage of their work as an end of the year project. 🙂



Switching gears, I am 2 weeks and counting in terms of being gluten free. I feel so much better (hence the post title). I am reading more labels and my kids are helping and making me laugh through the process. Last week we went to the feed supply store for some chicken goodies and my son wanted some Starburst. I purchased 2 packs and he gave one to his sis. The rest of the convo went like this:

Son: “mom, what flavor would you like?”
Me: “thanks but I am not interested”
Daughter: “you know she isn’t eating gluten”
(Both furiously reading the wrapper)
Daughter/son (in unison): “mom these are gluten free”
Me: “that is good to know but I still don’t want any”

They are reading more labels now as well.  Hubby is also being supportive – he promptly ate most of the gluten free snickerdoodles that I made.  If you follow me on Instagram you will see some of the yumminess that I have been making.  I made brownies on Saturday and they didn’t even make it to Sunday evening so I must whip up another batch of those like stat!  You will also see the gluten free goodies that didn’t make the cut.

I so enjoy Pinterest and bloggers that share their gluten free recipes….huge thanks to all of you!  My favorite right now is Gluten Free Canteen.  I like Lisa’s baking style and her momma’s brownies are just super duper amazing!!!

Wishing you and yours a great Monday and that we will all look forward to Thursday when the weather patterns are due to change and become more seasonable.

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For the Love of Food

Example of an American grocery store aisle.
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Food, yes that basic necessity that we all need in order to survive.  Some of us know it in simple terms and there are others that know it in more expensive terms.   However you know it, you know that some of us have it in abundance and others are truly experiencing a shortage.

This post may meander a bit, but stay with me……

I love food!!!  However, cooking for a family of 4 with some food allergies and some definite food preferences on our food family budget has become more challenging.  While cruising the web, I came across this chart.  Go ahead and take a peek, I’m not going anywhere.  Imagine my surprise when I looked at the numbers and realized that we are on the thrifty food plan.  Actually, we spend a tad bit below the thrifty plan for our family and that total amount is not just on food as it also includes our toiletries and cleaning supplies.

I am not a coupon cutter because I have yet to see coupons for fresh fruits and veggies.  I purchase 3 different types of organic milk at the store and we have a lot of of organic items in our diet.  Yet, we are able to eat well on less than the thrifty plan because I c-o-o-k.  We do have a weakness for jalapeno poppers and while I could make them, I don’t so that is one of the few pre-packaged non-organic items that is allowed in the grocery cart.

So, if you are still reading, I want to know, where do you and your family fall on the USDA chart?

Are you thrifty or are you liberal? 

Have you seen the cost of food skyrocketing in your area? 

Are you finding it harder to make your food dollars stretch? 

What changes have you and your family started implementing – more ________, less _______?

I ask these questions because I really want to know.  We helped a family from church (single mom of 3) with some groceries and when you take the time to come out of your bubble, you realize, it is hard out there.  Hunger is real!!  Hunger isn’t just the images of starvation as seen in other countries but hunger is also those pangs that set in because while you had breakfast, you are not sure where or when the next meal is coming.

The reality is – food will continue to rise in cost, many salaries are frozen for this year and possibly next, but we all have to eat.  What to do?

For the month of October, a fellow gardener, is doing a Food Stamp Challenge.  Yes, I know most of us are not on food stamps but the challenge isn’t one of being on food stamps as much as it is a challenge to eat well on a food stamp budget.  I am intrigued to see how he and his friend will live off of less than $275 for the month.  It is not my reality, but it is the reality of many of our neighbors.  If it is there reality, then we all should be more aware of life outside of our own bubbles.