Oprah & Positive Thinking – Why, why, why

My mom likes to watch Oprah and being that she was at my house, I granted her request to change from the riveting Joe Brown to Oprah.  Needless to say, I am not a big Oprah fan.  I have never been an avid watcher of her show and would only tune in for her favorites show – which should just be called Temptation Hour – because everyone watching wants all of the stuff and the manufacturers can’t keep up with the demand.  My mom and I ordered some to die for pima cotton t-shirts that were waaaaaay overpriced and we had to wait more than 4 months to get them because of Queen Oprah and her power….but I digressed.

Mom wanted to know what “the secret” was that Oprah had promised to reveal on her show.  This secret is very popular and it is guaranteed to be life changing.  I was glued to the screen and even quieted the children to ensure that I didn’t miss the reveal of the secret.  Next thing I know, one of the expert panelist informed me that I was a mass of energy that attracted like energy and I needed to put positive vibrations into the universe in order to receive positive vibrations back – what?????  The secret is the law of attraction – like attracts like – we attract into our lives the things we want and that is based on our thoughts and feelings…simple english – our circumstances are created by our choices which are dependent upon our thoughts and feelings so our thoughts are very important.

At this point, my dad and I are looking at each other wondering why we are not watching Joe Brown.  Now, I know that Queen Oprah considers herself to be more spiritual rather than religious but what is this magic hocus pocus positive feel good baloney that she is trying to pass on to the rest of us????

In this world that we live in people are so desperate for anything that makes them feel better and temporarily addresses their hurts that they are lapping this secret stuff up by buying the videos/dvds/etc and the entire time they are just making more money for the expert panelists that have been deemed worthy of teaching the secret.

My daughter’s Sunday school lesson focused on the woman at the well.  Here was another example of a person looking for fulfillment and satisfaction in other places and not finding it.  Jesus told her in John 4:14 that He was her true source of fulfillment and satisfaction.  This is the message that people need to hear and not one of a temporary band-aid.  Oprah’s message boards have people that feel that they have done all of the things in the dvd’s for the secret but their life circumstances haven’t changed….that’s because the secret is not a secret it is a gimmick. 

Instead of accepting that life is not always going to be a bed of roses, Oprah and others like Dr. Beckwith et al. have capitalized on the word of faith movement.  Don’t say anything negative out loud as it could come true.  Also, think positive thoughts and not worry about sin, hell, consequences or repentance as those are not pleasant topics.  We are admonished in 2 Corinthians 10:5 to take our thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ and that is because we are full of some not so pretty characteristics according to Matthew 15:19 – murder, adultery, fornication, theft, lies; thus, our very human nature would not allow life to be a bed of roses – we are full of some pretty ugly things.

When life gets hard, as it definitely will, the secret of positive thoughts and vibrations is not the rock that I want to be standing on…to be continued….


Homeschool Snow Day

Upon retiring for the evening yesterday, I knew that the snow had already started to fall in our area.    However, the weather forecasters did not expect much accumulation and I was fine with that and went off to bed.

This morning after wishing my husband safe travels after we prayed, I drifted back to sleep and once the rest of the family woke up, I tried to coax them to look out of the windows at the snow but they were preoccupied until the phone rang with their ‘Nana’ on the other end.  My parents were calling to let me know that the local public schools were closed for the day and did I intend to allow their grandchildren a homeschool snow day?

Being that the darling little ones are only 3 and 4, a normal homeschool day is not that long for them but the question had me thinking…when I was a youngster, the amount of snow that fell would harldy qualify as a day off from school.  In NJ, it had to really snow for you to enjoy a snow day.  Do our kids have it much easier than we did in terms of getting time off from school?  Are there some unintended consequences to these frequently called snow days because in June when they are made up, teachers are not continuing with regular class work, it is almost a free for all day.

As a homeschooler, is the public school calendar the calendar of choice or is it there as a guide towards achieving 180 days in the classroom?  Do you homeschool on snow days?

The next snow day needs to have some measurable snow and not snow that disappears by afternoon.

'24' and Barack Obama

Life often imitates art and as I get ready to watch 24 on TV tonight, I thought about how the show has had 2 African-American presidents.  The creators in Hollywood are willing to let an African-American lead the country and the latest has very little experience outside of being the first president’s brother and a friend of Jack.

 Maybe, just maybe…..the next election will imitate the art of television. 

Of course, that means as a country we will have to finally fully embrace the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. but maybe, just maybe we can look beyond color and look at people for who they are and not what they look like on the outside.

Homeschooling – everyone has an opinion

Homeschooling is a topic that everyone has an opinion about and more often than not they feel free to share their opinion with you – solicited or unsolicited.  🙂

This weekend, I had the pleasure of being roped into a discussion about why we have chosen to homeschool our children, the oldest will enter Kindergarten in August. 

In our state, our county has consistently ranked next to last in terms of education.  We have lots of private schools and church run schools but the majority cost close to $7,000 which is almost what my first year of college was some years ago.  So, when presented with the option of an underperforming public school or a $7,000 kindergarten program, we chose homeschooling.

Homeschooling is unfamiliar territory for many, especially those within the education field.  I have found that they are not familiar with the local laws regarding homeschool and generally have a fear of the unknown.  It is quite concerning that alternatives to homeschooling are to try and get your child into another school that is not in your neighborhood.  The real alternatives should be let’s use my taxpayer dollars in ways necessary to ensure that my neighborhood school is capable of providing a quality education.

Of course, the issue of testing came up.  I was offered testing for my child even though there is no current test in place to enter Kindergarten.  Just another homeschool related hoop but testing isn’t required so testing will not take place.  I am not afraid of testing but research has shown that the kids in the public school system do not recall the information that they have been taught for tests, so is testing a true measure of achievement or is the development of a lifelong love of learning?


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