Minimum Dignity

There are many reasons why I like shopping at MOM’s and the character of their CEO is no added to that list of reasons.

Appreciate reading his perspective on the economy.

Scott's Compost Pile

One of the companies I admire most is Costco.  They’re not very environmental, unfortunately, but they are extremely dedicated to their employees.  Back in 2008 when the economy was in a downward spiral, Founder and CEO Jim Sinegal said that instead of looking for ways to cut costs and reduce compensation like most companies were doing, it was especially important to find ways of supporting their staff in this time of hardship.  He said, “our employees… deserve our loyalty.  They needed it just as much [in 2008] as they ever did, or more.”  Costco’s average pay rate is $21 per hour, while BJ’s average is $11 and Sam’s Club’s $12.  However, Costco is the performance leader in the club membership retail sector.

IMG_5006.JPG MOM’s Employees touring a recycling facility

Here at MOM’s, we’ve never paid minimum wage.  In June of 2011, MOM’s raised our minimum wage from…

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