The children that libraries build

Good read about how our across the pond friends are following in our footsteps and cutting library services.

This constantly bewilders me… county has 2 libraries that have Sunday hours. Pity the child with limited/no internet connection at home that remembers on Sunday afternoon that he has an assignment due on Monday. I can recall as a child in NJ, many a Sundays spent at the library (of course that was pre-internet days). But still, libraries serve many functions in our communities and should be treasured instead of being dismembered by a swipe of the budget ax.

Do you and your family use your local library?

Lost in Ephemera

While idly browsing through my Twitter feed this evening, I came across this:

It got me thinking about the value of public libraries for young readers and the disastrous consequences closures/service reductions could bring. It also got me reflecting on why I chose to work in libraries in the first place. ย It may be quite a personal story but, given the circumstances, I think it really highlights the importance of public libraries, including the chance for escape and the opportunities they offer young people.

My family never had that much spare money when I was growing up, despite both my mother and stepfather working. Both worked in a takeaway and, because all other immediate family members were also working there and cheap/free childcare was (as itโ€ฆ

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One thought on “The children that libraries build”

  1. Thank you for forwarding this information. Oh, it makes me remember my days as a child in a chaotic home, where books became my constant friend. One of the greatest gifts my mother gave me was teaching me to read and to use the library.

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