Homeschooling – The Mid Year Review

January marks that mid year point in our homeschooling journey where we take a moment to look back and see what is working, what hasn’t worked, what can be tweaked, and what needs to be tossed out the window.  This is our 7th year and trust me, there have been lots of evaluations and things changed mid-stream.  So, during my most recent look back, I was once again amazed at what God showed me about what we are doing and what we should be doing.


We started this school year using the KONOS Obedience unit study for Bible and Character.  We thoroughly enjoyed it and when we were nearing completion, I wondered what we were going to use next.  I decided to continue with KONOS and purchased Volume II on Ebay.  We are going to start with Responsibility because honestly, I see some holes in that area.  The holes exist not only in schoolwork but also in other areas of their lives.  If they don’t learn responsibility they will be irresponsible and frankly, there are more than enough irresponsible folks in the world, so I don’t need to add two more.  😉  As a part of learning responsibility, I will create charts on the skills that we want them to learn and gauge whether how well they are doing them until they can do them proficiently.


The funny thing about homeschooling is that homeschoolers often say that one of the reasons that we chose homeschooling is because we realize all children are different and learn in different ways.  Now what is funnier than that – when we forget that and continue with a curriculum/program with another child because it was such a good fit with another child.  Yes, my son and daughter have been using the same math curriculum and quite frankly, it was working for both of them for awhile.  Now my son hit a bump in the program – knew how to do the problems but just wasn’t interested.  He was going through the motions and being that my  husband and I (& others) feel he is gifted in math, I didn’t want his flame to burn out.  He & I had a chat and he indicated that he would like to do math on his own.  After my initial shock, I delved further and told him I would think about it.  A few days later, while at the local thrift store aka homeschooler hang out area (seriously ran into 2 families that day), God gave me the epiphany that I was trying to ram my square peg (son) into a round hole (the math program).  This epiphany came after son figured out the cost of an item dealing with percentages (it was a sale day) rather quickly and could it explain it so well that the other mom asked me what I was doing with him for math and I had to admit that he likes to go off on Khan Academy and tinker around with things beyond his grade level.  Hubby and I have decided that since he is ahead of his grade level in math that we are going to let him try his hand at using Khan Academy for his math program.  I am listed as his coach so I will assign him work with a due date and he will be responsible for completing it.  We shall see how this works out for him and for me.

Surprisingly, our other items are remaining the same and the kids have given them the thumbs up.  We are adding in 4-H which should prove interesting.  It is a homeschool club so the kids know most of the kids in the program but we will see how it fits into our schedule and lives.

The not so surprising part is that this week being the first week of the year means that we will be out of the day everyday because of one of the activities that they are involved in – it is all good stuff but let’s just say that I will be tickled pink when Friday evening arrives.

So, what has your mid year review revealed?