Fall is in the air and there is change all around us.


This year a change came about in our homeschooling – we joined a co-op. The timing was right and the group is a nice fit being that we knew a few of the families from other homeschool functions. So far, things are going well. The kids are taking a math enrichment class, PE, and Apologia Human Anatomy & Physiology. I teach PE to the K-3 and a spelling class for this first term. The PE is interesting in that I forgot how it is to keep little ones entertained. 😉

Of course, joining this co-op has made our schedule change. Piano already occupied Tuesday afternoons and speech club takes up every other Monday and now co-op is Wednesday afternoons weekly. Did I mention that Wednesday evenings are AWANA? Yes, a tight timeframe exists when we arrive home from co-op before we are out the door heading to AWANA. Pre-planning meals for Monday through Wednesday helps me keep my sanity.

I remember Deb Bell saying at the last Real Refreshment Retreat, that co-ops are a good way to motivate the often unmotivated and I must say there is some truth in it. :-). The Princess has responded well to the co-op environment. She is finding herself and my prayer is that God will help me in this process as we seek to raise a godly young lady.

So, what changes are happening in your neck of the woods?