Playing Catch-up

Happy Election Day!! No matter who you plan to vote for please go vote, it is important and it is your right.

So, I need to play catch-up on my postings. So, in keeping with Art Every Day Month, I have a few pics to share. No, I didn’t take the time to pretty them up via Snapseed so forgive my ipad2 pics. 🙂

In our extended family, the year my Princess was born, there were 4 girls born and this year they all hit double digits. The last one turned 10 over the weekend and I whipped up this little bag for her because she loves to draw and make doll clothes. Here is the bag and it’s inside lining.



Inside I put a nice pile of fabric scraps that she can use for her doll designs and some paper notebooks that she could use to doodle on.


That was my creative making for Friday. On Saturday, my creative making was centered around playing with my new toy – a Vitamix. It was an early Christmas present from my parents as it was a special value on QVC when I happened to be flipping channels during Superstorm Sandy. So, we tinkered with it and made some smoothies and ice cream. When it comes to kitchen gadgets, I am like a guy with tools – love them!! However, I was feeling rather guilty because I had just received an awesome juicer for my birthday (if you haven’t seen Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, watch it on Netflix or whatever and you will want a juicer as well). When the juicer arrived, my hubby took to it like a fish to water and being that he is often skeptical of health related stuff, I was shocked. When the Vitamix arrived, I was excited that we could keep the pulp (which I currently just compost) but he was not a fan of the extra goodness. So, now I have added yet another gadget to my kitchen countertops. Thankfully, they are both color coordinated with my mixer.

I don’t have pics of Sunday and Monday because life was flying by too quickly. Sunday’s creative making was dinner in the form of lasagna and garlic bread. Monday, I created a new hairstyle which I was tickled about because let’s just say the summer of the hair bun evolved into the fall of the hair bun and I was afraid we were going to go into the winter of the hair bun as well. Funny thing about hair, when it is short, you want it to grow long but when it grows you do very little with it. Go figure!!

Well, I hope that your Tuesday is terrific!


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  1. So glad I stumbled across your blog today! After reading your about page, I noticed we have several things in common and I couldn’t leave without posting a comment. This is a neat bag you’ve made. I am into gadgets too. I wasn’t always like this. I have been converted by my husband. Lol. Enjoy your Vitamix!

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