Happy November

Happy first day of November!! I hope all are well in the aftermath of Sandy. We dealt with heavy rains and high winds but thankfully we never lost power nor did we lose any of the huge trees that surround our home. I grew up in New Jersey on the shore and the pictures that I have seen and the stories I have heard, tear at my heart and I do hope we can all keep those impacted in prayer as well as donate to those helping them through this tragedy.

Lots of things happen in blogland during the month of November. There is something for the writer, the crafter, the artist and more. My friend Amanda, blogged about Art Every Day Month, which I felt came full circle to my word for the year if being intentional. It is designed for us to make ourselves be creative, in some way, on a daily basis for the month of November. I love that the creative is not limited to one genre as you all know I have some issues with being limited.

Today being the first of November gets my brain thinking of Thanksgiving, which I am delighted that for the first time in 11 years of marriage, we will have at our own home and I get to cook. Long story but know that God answers prayers just in his own time. So, we have done a giving thanks tree in the past, but this year I thought of a family journal. I went searching through my paper stacks and wasn’t pleased with any options and since I have been practicing my drawing skills (always felt I couldn’t draw but I am learning that anyone can learn), I took a few moments to play with my watercolor pencils to make the cover for our Thank You journal.


No, I am not Picasso but it is mine. πŸ™‚

Be creative!