The other night as I sat through mandatory AWANA parent orientation, I was intrigued by something the commander mentioned about priorities.  My kids are not new to AWANA, but making the parents sit through parent orientation is a way of reminding parents that they are a necessary and key component to their child’s *success* in AWANA.  Back to the commander, he was discussing the importance of attendance and scripture memorization.  He started giving examples of how often we put off our spiritual activities in favor of physical activities.  We might stay home from church over a slight tickle in our throats but even though we have sick leave, we won’t use it but will drag ourselves to work.  If injured, we encourage our children to play through it because the win is needed.  We are not likely to tell the teacher or the coach that our child missed practice or didn’t study because they were studying scripture verses.

He wasn’t advocating our children not studying but sometimes it takes a ridiculous example to drive home the point.  Where does our children’s spiritual condition rank on our priority lists?  Are we taking check-ups frequently or is it a once a year wellness visit?  Are we conducting our own self-assessments or are we being negligent with our own spiritual condition?  Whatever the case, we need to make every effort to re-examine our priorities and make sure they line up with God’s.

The odd thing is his comments continued to resonate with me for a few days.  Have I started misplacing my priorities?  Were there areas of my life that were out of whack?   One thing that really jumped out at me was the television.  Yeah, I know it is always the easy scapegoat isn’t it?  I do not watch a lot of tv at all but I have found myself spending waaaay too much time watching Dance Moms.  My husband will walk by and just shake his head because he can’t believe I am watching it.  I try to explain justify that I am watching because I can’t believe these moms allow this woman that they are paying to treat them and their children in this manner.  I don’t think he buys my logic.  🙂  Do I watch it for that reason or is their a sneaking bit of self-pride that I am a better mom because I would* never* allow such treatment of myself or daughter.  (that was said in my best southern drawl)

If I am honest with myself, it is more of the self-pride.  You see, my priorities were misplaced.  I am not too judge or gauge how good a mom I am being by some edited reality tv show designed to show the extremes of human behavior.  I am to use God’s Word as that measuring stick and when I measure up to that – well, the self-pride is no longer there.  You see, I still have work to do and maybe, just maybe, if I took that hour of time to focus on what God would have me to focus on, I would have at least one priority area back in check.

I am now making more conscience decisions about how I spend my time and what I spend it on so that I can keep my priorities in check.  Trust me, I have a few other areas where I need to work on this.  😉

Hoping your priorities are right where they need to be!