Political Drama

United States Capitol in daylight
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Honestly, I do my best to keep many of my political thoughts to myself. I’m a bit of a weird breed called Independent. We don’t vote via party lines but on things a bit deeper like facts. Before some get their boxers in a bunch, I am not saying that voting via party lines is not based on facts but if we are honest with one another, the political rhetoric is amped up so high in our country that soundbites often replace facts and reality.

Most political news shows should come with a R rating because the language used and the things implied and insinuated are worse than some of the mild language and violence in movies. It amazes me that at sporting events and in most areas of our lives, we look as if we all get along but in reality politics is leading to a larger separation along socioeconomic lines than the 11 o’clock hour on Sundays.

So, we all know that the economy has tanked and is showing very few signs of regaining a strong momentum anytime soon. I don’t need the news to tell me that in that I see it everyday in that gas costs more, food costs more and paychecks are the same or have shrunk during the same time period that these other items saw increases. If we are factual, there are many things that have led to our current state of the economy and I hate to be the one to point out the obvious, but our current President did not single-handedly get us there. You can take a minute and re-read that if you like as I am not backing down from it. If you live off of soundbites, I know that you are in total shock right now, but it’s okay.

How we got here is and isn’t important, to me the most important aspect of all of this is what in the world do we do now? Also, how do we do it with civility? As adults, I wonder if we realize the example we are putting out there for our children when we act as though we cannot possibly find a happy medium? What are we telling them when we act as though we can’t work out our problems with decency and basic human respect? What are we showing them when we are quick to make personal attacks over non-personal issues? We are not being good role models!!!

Today, we have yet another round of foolishness. We have the President and Congress trying to work out a date for yet another speech about the economy. There are some that feel that the President should not have to be at the beck and call of those running to take his job. Others feel that the date is taken in terms of another political event already taking place. Either way, I am sure that those that that are seeking employment are not interested in speeches or debates but in finding a job to put food on the table and regain a measure of self-esteem and respect.

Do we need another speech about how jobs will be created? Not really…..

Will there be those that are going to tear any plan to pieces? Definitely……

In the end, have we changed the life of anyone who is looking for work? Nope……

I wish all of us but especially our leaders in Washington would take a lesson from Nike – Just do it!!!