What's Been Going On?

I originally started this blog as a means of having an outlet in which to write – write about things that were going on in the world and my views on them, write about the happenings in our family, write about whatever came to my mind. Funny thing is, I would sometimes have lots to share and sometimes not so much. I have been wanting to write lately but my blog was messed up to the point that I couldn’t even log in. Go figure!

There are still some quirks, but the show must go on. We continue homeschooling throughout the summer but on a lighter and abbreviated schedule. It helps maintain the sanity of all of us. This week they are enjoying a Vacation Bible School program at a nearby church and I am trying to enjoy some peace and quiet. Of course, I have yet to accomplish any of the things that I *planned* but that’s life isn’t it?

We did enjoy a fun homeschool trip to St. Mary’s City and here’s a slideshow for your viewing pleasure:


The warmer weather has led to spending more time outdoors. Unfortunately for this little garter snake, he didn’t survive his chance meeting with the tractor.

garter snake casualty

We did do some strawberry picking that led to canning of strawberry preserves, strawberry syrup and strawberry lemonade concentrate, yes they are all yummy!

strawberry preserves

I hope to inhabit this space more frequently now. Thanks to those that still are around reading! 🙂


3 thoughts on “What's Been Going On?”

  1. The kids looked like they had fun on the trip! Is that an annual event?

    Let me tell you, all your strawberry creations sound really delicious.

    Hope you guys enjoy the summer!

  2. We tend to take off the month of June from homeschool and then pick back up again in July. It gives us a chance to get on top of the farm and garden work as the season picks up, and prepare for canning.

    Glad to see you writing again! 🙂

  3. Hooray! I hope that you do! I miss reading your updates and all of your fantastic gardening and cooking posts. 🙂 Also, if you’re having blog issues, Twitter is a great way to get help, using #Wordpress or #savvyblogging hashtags. Someone is always able to shoot some helpful hint or a link for more help. There’s also the Wp.com forums, since you’re still on the .com right?

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