Thankful on this Tuesday

In life, I find it easy to get caught up in the messages that surround us whether through advertising/marketing or just from being around others.  I realize that our economy is not what it used to be but I am thankful for my husband’s job, his ability to save and plan/prepare for the future and how it allows us to live the life that we have chosen.  While I am thankful for these things, the rise in the costs of food and gas means that those well-earned dollars do not cover as much as they used to six to twelve months ago.  So, I do what any frugal gal does and I try to make it work aka Tim Gunn.  🙂

While out shopping today, it dawned on me yet again that it costs money to eat well in this country.  Trust me, I am not talking lobster, caviar and filet mignon well, I am just talking no HFCS, strange added ingredients well.  I am not going to jump on my soapbox about farm subsidies, HFCS isn’t the same as sugar, and the like because all of that information does little to change the minds of the government decision makers nor the corporations that produce much of the stuff that is passed off as food nowadays.  Nope, no soapbox for me because I choose to be thankful that:

My husband is gainfully employed;

I have choices about what my family and I eat;

I know how to take whole food and make it into a delicious meal;

I have some land and the wherewithal to grow some of the food for my family; and

My family and I are able to give to those organizations that help feed others.


I refuse to not give thanks for what may seem like the small things in my life.




Summer Reading – Friendship Bread

Ever since I was a young girl, I have loved to read. When I say love, I mean l-o-v-e!! I kept a Harriett the Spy notebook on my neighbors and my father would confiscate the flashlights in the house because I was known for staying up waaaaay past my bedtime in order to finish a book under my bed covers. 🙂

As a mom, I want my children to also have a love of reading. Every summer, we look forward to participating in our library’s summer reading program. I was thrilled to read the 4th book by Marie Bostwick and my lovely Cobbled Court quilting gals. I don’t want to rush her but I am ready for the 5th book. 🙂

I don’t like reading books with a lot of smut, so I try to go with authors that I am familiar with and librarian recommendations. On a recent trip into the library, I was checking out the just came in book shelves and saw Friendship Bread by Darien Gee. I had never heard of her but the story line seemed tame enough, so I checked the book out.


This book had me on an emotional roller coaster. In the end, I was ready to read it all over again. I fell in love with the characters and look forward to Ms. Gee developing them and their lives in the future. The book also involved Amish Friendship Bread. Most of us have been gifted with starter in the past and we either received it with joy or with dread. Warning, the book may inspire you start a starter but let it be known that Gee’s website, Friendship Bread Kitchen has a treasure trove of recipes that I never knew you could do with friendship bread.

If you are a reader, this book is a must add to your reading list.

What's Been Going On?

I originally started this blog as a means of having an outlet in which to write – write about things that were going on in the world and my views on them, write about the happenings in our family, write about whatever came to my mind. Funny thing is, I would sometimes have lots to share and sometimes not so much. I have been wanting to write lately but my blog was messed up to the point that I couldn’t even log in. Go figure!

There are still some quirks, but the show must go on. We continue homeschooling throughout the summer but on a lighter and abbreviated schedule. It helps maintain the sanity of all of us. This week they are enjoying a Vacation Bible School program at a nearby church and I am trying to enjoy some peace and quiet. Of course, I have yet to accomplish any of the things that I *planned* but that’s life isn’t it?

We did enjoy a fun homeschool trip to St. Mary’s City and here’s a slideshow for your viewing pleasure:

The warmer weather has led to spending more time outdoors. Unfortunately for this little garter snake, he didn’t survive his chance meeting with the tractor.

garter snake casualty

We did do some strawberry picking that led to canning of strawberry preserves, strawberry syrup and strawberry lemonade concentrate, yes they are all yummy!

strawberry preserves

I hope to inhabit this space more frequently now. Thanks to those that still are around reading! 🙂