Encouraging One Another

Who doesn’t love to receive a card in the mail? I do and I am sure there are others that enjoy the simplicity of a hand-picked card that as you are reading it, you know the sender was thinking of only y-o-u. In our current digital age, you can send e-cards and yes they are quick and easy and often do the job, but there is still something about receiving a card in the mail that truly brightens one’s day.

Unbeknown to me, today is National Day of Encouragement. On September 1st, the nice people at Dayspring held a giveaway via Incourage and it included 10 cards perfect for encouraging different women in my life.

Recently while cleaning my laundry/craft area, I came across a sweet letter of encouragement from a dear Proverbs 31 and Titus 2 woman that is no longer at my old church. She had sent the letter during our 3rd pregnancy, details of which are here. The words and scripture shared still ministered to my heart even though the letter was almost 5 years old. You have to understand that this woman is sweet, meek, humble and truly embodies the fruit of the Spirit. She was subtle in her guiding you away from sharing anything that wasn’t edifying about your hubby, children, other sisters, etc. When she moved, I missed her deeply but both of our lives moved on and we lost touch. Recently, her hubby and I became friends on Facebook and I asked for her address because I knew I needed to thank her again for her kind words. I had a card in mind but needless to say, it wasn’t perfect but the Dayspring pack had a perfect card and I sent it off to her. 🙂

I used 2 more cards in the pack immediately as I knew they held the perfect words that I needed to share with 2 other friends – 1 about her current situation in life and for her to know that I am truly praying for her and the other to thank a friend for her friendship.

Often life becomes so busy and we exhibit the typical traits of the tyranny of the urgent. I encourage you to take a moment, sit still and think about someone that may need a kind word from you, a phone call, an in-person visit or something else and then I want you to actually go do that thing not just think about it but do it.

Be encouraged!!


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    1. Robyn,

      Thanks so much and our year is going well and I hope the same for you and yours! Thanks for Mingle Monday – what a cool idea!

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