My Birthday Fun, Part 1

So, a few weeks ago was my birthday and I had a ball. No, I didn’t ask for time alone even though I probably would have enjoyed it. I decided to head to DC with the family and do some tourist stuff – so pretty much they all had to do what I wanted, which is surprisingly similar to any other day. 😉

Our morning started out with a trip to the National Building Museum. They have this awesome exhibit of Lego creations that I really wanted to see plus I thought the Professor would be inspired. Here we are outside of the NBM.

The Professor & I

On the first floor, there are some hands-on fun and the kids and my dad decided to join in the fun of trying to build an arch out of these rubber blocks. As you will see, it was a team effort although in the end not as successful as some would have hoped.

trying to build the arch

arch is complete

or maybe not

For the Lego exhibit, we were allowed to take pictures, so here are the buildings that were re-created.

lego 8

lego 7

lego 6

lego 5

lego 4

lego 3

lego 2

lego 1

Of course, I can’t remember all of the buildings, but the tallest building is the one from Dubai and took over 400,000 Legos, there’s the Empire State Building, WTC, Sears Tower, John Hancock Tower, St. Louis Arch and more. Truly amazing to see what can be done with Legos and imagination. There was also a play area but as you can see from the picture, there were adults at those tables as well.

lego fun tables

I convinced my family to eat lunch via a food truck. They of course looked at me like I was crazy but the food was delicious and the next day it’s location was close to hubby’s job, he went and took a co-worker to eat from there again. There are a few other food trucks I want to try in the city, but they will have to wait for another day of adventure.

We went to the Smithsonian’s Museum of American History and I’ll save those pics for part 2. Hint, I saw Julia’s kitchen.

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  1. Happy birthday – a little late! It looks like you had a great day! You know – I’ve always wanted to eat from a food truck! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much!!! Yes, the food truck was great – there is a cupcake truck in the city too – hoping to catch her one day! 🙂

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