Of Clouds and Chickens

Yes, if you couldn’t tell, I am aiming for *most infrequent blogger award* if there was such a thing. 🙂 I love blogging and sharing and often have more thoughts than time, but hey, ce la vie!

One night when it had stopped raining, these pretty clouds were passing by my window and I couldn’t get outside fast enough so I took the pic through the window. Love the pink color that tinted the clouds.

pink clouds

As many of you know, my son aka The Professor likes to take pictures and that often leads to me finding my camera with a bunch of stuff on it that I didn’t take…here are some pictures of our chickens from about a month or so ago that he took while out in the coop one night.


thinking about it

feet in water



Because it is raining here and dreary, I thought I would share a laugh with you. Not only does my son take pictures, but apparently he makes videos as well.


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