Of flowers and plants

Despite my inactivity here, I have been active around my home. Lots has been planted, tended to, weeded, picked, prodded, and more as spring has definitely sprung.

When we moved, there were 4 peony bushes and I just love this time of the year as the burst open with their fragrant blooms.

white peony

pink peony


My garden is also coming along nicely however it is a serious test of my patience this year because I have started everything from directly sown seeds in the ground. I didn’t start any of my seeds, I just used the moon planting phases from the Farmer’s Almanac and heeded their wisdom for when to plant my above and below ground crops. I must say that it seems to be working as things are definitely growing…even things like volunteer tomatoes that decided to make an appearance.

edible mix




volunteer tomato

I plan to pick up some aged manure in the next few days and place it all around the garden. I have a few other things that I am looking forward to planting and with the rain we have been having, I have lots and lots of weeding to look forward to…..hope everything is green for you!


5 thoughts on “Of flowers and plants”

  1. I LOVE your photos of peonies and other green plants. Our growing season in Alaska is just barely started, so it’s encouraging to see gardens already growing. Thanks for cheering my day.

    I really enjoy your blog posts, even when I don’t take time to comment. Thank you!


  2. Oh, I love peonies and want to try and grow some…I wonder how hard will it be here. i had a volunteer tomato pop up this year too…literally right next to some eggplant i planted…sigh…i didn’t have the heart to pull it up so…we’ll see how the two manage. i also had a lot of cilantro, and a couple of corn and un-known variety of squash volunteers pop up. it’s really rewarding to see the things that pop up in different places. Although, they pop up in the weirdest places…for example I have corn growing right in the middle of my tomato row.

    I’ve never used the farmer’s almanac, but I think i want to try it next season to see how it goes. This was also my first year doing direct sowing and also starting some from seeds…very rewarding! I will definitely be doing more next season.

    thanks for sharing…everything looks really good!

    1. I have a corn volunteer but the weird thing is – I didn’t plan corn last year but 2 years ago….strange. I found the direct sowing method with the almanac yielded more than in previous years but took longer so next year I may try a combination of starting seeds earlier in the year for transplanting along direct sowing. Thanks for stopping by!

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