Food Inc., A True Eye Opener

Last night, I finally watched Food Inc. and the veil was lifted. I had read about many of the issues discussed in the film but yet the visual images drove home their importance to me in a way that brought tears to my eyes.

You see, I was on the waiting list to get the movie from our local library because there are very few movies that I believe in owning. I was #11 on the list and it was constantly growing. Last week, we went to North Carolina to take care of my father-in-law and my mom came and at 4 p.m. she turned to Oprah. I am not an Oprah fan or watcher but when in North Carolina and not much to do besides tip cows, I sat down to watch. Oprah’s show was The Truth About Food with Michael Pollan. It touched on the movie, his 10 rules for eating and lots of other stuff. I must admit, I was happy that my mom turned to it. Oprah announced that she and Amazon had teamed up to offer the movie for only $9.99 until Friday at midnight. So, with hubby’s air card and lots of patience, I attempted to order the movie and a few other items so I could take advantage of their free shipping. 🙂 Remember, I was in a rural part of North Carolina and it took several tries but I succeeding in getting my order in and was a happy clam when the UPS man came yesterday.

I grew up with my parents having a garden so when we moved 2 years ago to our current plot of land, I started a garden. Last year I expanded it and look to expand it again this year. I am also adding chickens so the issue of eating local and knowing where my food comes from was not new to me. As I said, I had read about the corn issue and had my own aha moment while reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle in 2007. While I thought a lot about the food, I hadn’t thought as much about the people. The people being the farmers that are being controlled by large multinational corporations, the workers that are being abused by working in such horrid conditions and those that are barely getting by yet *we* are trying to convince them that local is better even though their $$$$ will not be able to *satisfy or fill* them and their family like the fast food from the local drive-thru or the packaged goods from the corner store.

It hurt me to see that the chicken farmer makes only $18,000 a year but is in debt out the wazoo just to keep lining the pockets of large poultry makers like Perdue and Tyson. It hurt me to see the workers being exploited and hearing about their health issues that are clearly job related. It hurt to see farmers losing family farms because they didn’t want to grow genetically modified food like their neighbors. It hurt me to know that *we the public* allow our government to be so heavily influenced by these purveyors of evil that we don’t have laws in place to protect us but we have tons of laws in place to protect them.

Our ancestors saved seeds from year to year and now you can own a seed. Do most of us even take the time to figure out what GMO means? If we eat anything with soy and corn, you have eaten a GMO product. The US doesn’t require labeling so you probably didn’t know. Europe had a moratorium on GMO crops but they have just approved a GMO potato that is supposedly not for human consumption, you have to wonder if that is true or not. More and more countries will probably follow suit because as a people we continue to create more people and more people means more food is needed to feed the people and we can’t risk having a bad crop because we need to be able to feed all of these people because they want what they want when they want it.

Many more thoughts are still developing in my mind and I am sure that I will watch the movie again. I plan to gather some friends and neighbors for a viewing party. I am still trying to figure out what else *I* can do. The movie site has a great link on the issues so that all of us can be better informed. If you haven’t seen it and would like to, PBS will be airing the movie on April 21st and more info can be found here.

In order to make good decisions, we all need to be informed!


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  1. Hello, I like you touching the subject and spreading the word. As far I know, there is no evidence, that yields are higher of industrially grown crops with chemical fertilisers, resistant to pest and weedkillers etc. This belief is the result of information spread by big chemical corporations. There are scientifically proven natural methods of food production that give higher yields. I will be writing about it on my blog soon.
    .-= Ewa in the Garden´s last blog ..Comfrey darling, comfrey… =-.

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