What's been going on….

I have started and stopped many posts over the last few days…..lots going on in my mind and just taking a general reassessment of life. This winter was far colder and snowier than I can remember for my neck of the woods and that led to a lot of hunkering down and staying put. Now that spring is beckoning and warmer temperatures have begun to tempt and tease us, a time of renewal and emerging has begun in me, my home and our surroundings.

I feel the need to renew my relationship with my children so that I can emerge a better mom. As a mom, I have a tendency to raise my voice especially if I have asked them to do something more than once. The odd think is my mom raised her voice and I hated it and it really eats me up that I am now doing the same thing with my children and they don’t like it. The other day, I was reading my daily Proverbs 31 devotion and it spoke of the dignity that clothed the Proverbs 31 woman. Ouch…talking about a devotion stepping all on my toes as if I was wearing open toed sandals. 😉 I shared it with my husband and asked that he would pray for me in that area and I also asked my children to pray for me and I have been constantly reminding myself throughout my days – d-i-g-n-i-t-y so I would keep it in the forefront of my mind before I speak and act. I have a long way to go but any journey worth taking starts with a first step.

Another area of renewal and emerging is in what I do outside of the home. I am blessed to be able to stay-at-home and homeschool our children and wouldn’t trade it for the world. However, I also would like to contribute to the home and used to do that before children. I shared here how I started with The Pampered Chef. I just finished my first 30 days and I must say that I am truly enjoying myself. I did 2 cooking shows and my sister-in-law did a catalog show. I qualified with my mom’s show because she and her guests were super buyers. 🙂 I am finding that the time spent out of the house and the interactions with adults is refreshing and being that I love to cook and love the products, it feels good to be able to do something that helps my family but also allows me an outlet. My hubby is too cute as he said it is my hobby because hobbies are far different from jobs and I don’t have to do it. I want to honor him and remember what God has for me in this season and the flexibility of the hobby helps a lot.

We still have snow on the ground in places but I am excited about the crocus and daffodils that are bursting through the soil letting me know what is just around the corner. I have garden plans ready and quite a bit of work to do outside over the next few weeks. This is also the year that I add chickens to our farmette so coop building will begin soon as my self-imposed deadline is the end of the month for its completion and for the gals to be in their home. It means some reconfiguring of the grounds but that is just another piece in the process of renewal and emergence.

I am excited about this time of the year and I hope you are experiencing your own season of renewal and emergence in your life.


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  1. Hey lady! miss tweeting with you. I have been buried at work but saw your post and have to tell you a few things. First what your doing with home schooling your children and taking care of your family is wonderful, important and contributing to the world.

    Next time you want to raise your voice at you children, reach down hold their little face in your hands and whisper what you want and how important it is that they do it. You’ll be surprised somehow the softest words are sometimes the loudest heard.

    Best of luck in your new adventure and enjoy the thaw!
    Your friend,
    .-= Renee Fontes´s last blog ..Mahi Mahi, an Exercise in Oranges =-.

  2. Just found your Twitter profile and now this blog, through the wonderful Miss Melody (LL) and have to say, I feel so blessed by it!
    You are not alone. As a work-from-home Mom to 2 teen sons and the full-time caregiver to our 2yo niece, I often feel just as you have/ do and it is hard to take a step back, take a breath and do what we need to in an honorable way with dignity 🙂
    I truly needed to hear that ‘I’ was not the only one who is going through this…isn’t God awesome how He leads us to where we need to be at the right time…like to this blog!

    Looking forward to reading along and your Twitter updates.

    much love,

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