Have you purchased used lingerie?

My mom informed me of this special that was on NBC Today – Secret Filth Exposed. There are several videos but this is the one that really caught my attention. They purchased underwear from several well-known stores (Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Gap, etc.) and removed all of the tags and protective stuff, then returned it and surprisingly even though the tags were all removed and they had put dots on the garment tags – the items were put right back on the shelves. Shockingly, this even occurred when there was an obvious stain. You must watch and beware.

Seriously, when you pay that much for lingerie, who knew you should definitely wash before wearing!


5 thoughts on “Have you purchased used lingerie?”

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  2. omg! horrified! that is soooo yuck! now your making me want to make my own undies…lol…i’ll be sure to inspect throughly next time i shop! thanks for passing on the info lady!

  3. It did gross me out as well and I couldn’t believe how fast the sales people were at re-tagging and hanging those items right back on the shelves. Definitely makes me think and will inspect more carefully in the future.

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