The Blizzard, Part Deux

Even though it seemed like the snow would never end, it did and the sun came out this morning and the skies are blue. Thank God that we were kept safe through the entire blizzard and the power stayed on…being on well water that is important being that with all the various equipment we own, we have yet to purchase a generator. 🙂

During the storm, I did venture back out yesterday to take some more pics:

during #1

during #2

during #3

during #4

Just in case you were thinking that we didn’t have any fun, oh but we did….

Like I said, the sun came out this morning and the sky is a beautiful shade of blue. I journeyed up to the closest street only because hubby and the neighbor made a path from our driveway to the road with the snow blower and a shovel. Hubby doesn’t like being *trapped* so he made sure he had a path of escape. 😉

Here are pics of the closest street – they have seen a plow at some point but are still rather dangerous.

closest street

closest street #2

Here is the rest of our street:


Just in case you wanted proof of the blue skies…

part of the roof


4 thoughts on “The Blizzard, Part Deux”

  1. That is AMAZING! Whaaa, I want some snow. I’m so sick of being stuck in SoCal. Send us a blizzard! Looks like lots of great fun. I’m glad you didn’t lose your well water.

  2. this is amazing!!! thanks soooo much for sharing such wonderful pictures and videos…all we get is rain 😦 lovely…but just not quite as lovely as all that fresh white powder!!
    .-= kiandra´s last blog ..a short ♥ story… =-.

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