Hodge Podge

Yes, I am still around! Lots of blog posts in my head that I should really write out for future posting but never seem to get around to it. Life has been busily humming by and for that I can’t complain. As I type, we are preparing for our 3rd snow event in 1 week, which is highly uncommon for my region. I don’t mind the snow, if anything I marvel at its beauty as well as how in its beauty it can completely throw people into a frenzy.

after 2 snows

Speaking of frenzy – I have been feeling a bit frenetic lately. I feel extremely blessed to be able to stay at home and be mom and teacher to our children. My husband is a wonderful guy and it is true that opposites often attract in that he and I are quite different in many area but that is what keeps us going. It is also true that spenders marry savers – I’ll give you a hint as to which one I am. 😉

after 2 snows #2

As I continue to seek to broaden my skills in jewelry making, it takes money to buy supplies and supplies are needed to keep making things and there are some other tools and items that I would like to purchase. I also have garden orders to place and the like…..we have prayed and decided I would take on another *hobby* that has the potential for me to earn a few dollars. I say *hobby* because he as made it very clear that it is not a part-time job because it isn’t providing necessary income that our family needs….he is so right and prudent that it sometimes drives me crazy. 🙂

after 2 snows #3

I purchased the starter kit and have been learning more about the company and their products. To stop your wondering, I am now and independent consultant for Pampered Chef. I have toyed with selling their products before and trust me, I don’t have plans to rise through the ranks, I just want to prayerfully earn a few extra bucks to buy me some more toys. 😉 You already know that I love to cook and I already have several of their products, so it seemed like an easy fit. Of course, my mom is my first party – gotta love her! Thanks mom!!!

after 2 snows #4

Between being wife, mom, homeschool teacher, chef, chauffeur, jewelry maker and now independent consultant solopreneur…I have been just a bit busy. Not meaning to neglect y’all and appreciate all of you and will have a giveaway coming up soon, just because you all are so special.


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  1. Your snow pics look beautiful! We never get snow.
    You’ve got lots going on now. Take care and take a
    little time for yourself.

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