Continuing to Learn

Edited to add – the cuff has sold. Thanks Kelly!

Today, I sold one of the first items that I ever listed in my Etsy shop. Yes, it has been there for a year and I marked it down to a low price because I just wanted it to go. I get like that sometimes…..ask my kids when I go on a cleaning spree as I have a tendency to just start getting rid of stuff. But I digressed…. 😉

I am a firm believer in that none of us are ever too old to learn something new. Life gives us so many opportunities to learn something new or learn a new way of doing things. Truth be told, children often provide similar opportunities as I learn lots from mine.

As I continue to evolve as an artist, I desire to continue to learn new things. A goal for this year has been to expand my metalsmithing skills. Being self-taught in so many areas of life, I have been reading books and chatting with more experienced metalsmiths on Etsy (great group they are). I have been tooling around in my studio which is part of the reason that I have been absent from here that and a resolution to myself to create more.

I have just listed two mixed metal pieces in my shop that have been a result of my copper and sterling silver work. I would love to hear your thoughts as I continue to learn….thanks!

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Oh, I am also having a SALE!


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  1. I have been reading your blog and enjoy your posts I also love tweeting with you! I am passing the “Honest Scrap” Award. This is given from one blogger to ten chosen for there honesty,inspiration, passion and soul. Part of the award is to share ten honest things about yourself then pass the award to ten others please see
    Thank you!

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