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I woke up this morning truly feeling as if if someone took a day away from me on my calendar and that Christmas was coming way too soon. Just so you know, we are not a family that goes all out in terms of gifts for each other or our children. A few years ago, we started giving them 3 gifts as Baby Jesus received from the Wise Men. Their gold gift is something that they have wanted the most or something that is very expensive. A myrrh gift represents cleansing of the body and frankincense is for their spiritual growth. So, my craziness is not a result of the overt commercialism that is oft associated with Christmas. I think mine was a combination of a few things – hosting Christmas dinner, making handmade gifts for others, and just not feeling 100%.

Whatever the reason, I was starting to feel frazzled. At that moment, I had to take a deep breath and re-focus myself….so while sipping my morning coffee…

morning coffee

I gazed outside at the lovely sunshine streaming through the kitchen window and realized that no matter what, I was not going to be stressed about what was ahead of me. I went to my new fridge, an early Christmas gift from my parents to us…

new fridge

(Did you see the rooster pitcher on top?) πŸ˜‰

My mom didn’t like our old refrigerator that was in the house when we moved in and she can be very persuasive. Here is the old refrigerator…

old fridge

It is now in the garage holding a turkey, ham, and whole slab of beef ribs in preparation for Friday. After that, we will put it on Freecycle or Craigslist so that it can bless someone else. As a part of my handmade gifts, I planned to do some hot pepper apple preserves. I had finally found a source for jars (the local feed store) but last week when we visited my parents, the local Kmart had some so I snatched those up rather happily. Imagine my surprise, when I saw this beauty:

new canning pot

You see, I have a glass top stove and have been hoping the canning powers-that-be would come out with another pot because the other enamel pots cannot be used on glass top stoves. This baby can be used on glass top stoves and induction stoves so my dreams of getting an Electrolux and cooking like Kelly Ripa are still alive and well. LOL!

After making my preserves, I pulled out the mixer and proceeded to make chocolate chip cookies for gift giving and eating. We packaged up some for the library staff. Being a homeschool family, we see them quite often.

cookies in sunlight

We took them cookies, gave the mailman his canned applesauce and were feeling like little elves. Of course, to give is great but oh, I received this in the mail when I came home. All visions of sugarplums went dancing out of my head and I began to think about what I will grow next year. πŸ™‚

new garden catalog


7 thoughts on “What's Going On”

  1. I’m glad you are taking the time to relax. It’s so hard! And what a nice canner!

    I call the new seed catalogs gardenporn, and I’m always so excited when it starts.

    1. Thanks for asking…for cleansing we often do a new set of character bath items (towel/washcloth). This year, they actually asked me to knit them washcloths (go figure). πŸ™‚

  2. ok I want your seed book and canner! wow love the premium rack, I will have to look at our kmart for one!

    is it just me or does your new fridge look ALOT like your old fridge? I have to ask what they hated so much? love your gifts and had we not been sick we were going to bake and take more gifts about, but if we get healthy we will do new years gifts, I want to take them to the craft leaders at the community center and library…..really hard working volunteers! our trash service guys are getting storebought cookies today!

    hope you enjoy your frenzy of baking and giving! and love your style!
    .-= michelleΒ΄s last blog ..kids are noisy! =-.

    1. Ha..I thought the two refrigerators looked alike myself and if it weren’t for the measurements, I couldn’t see the additional *cubic feet* πŸ™‚ there is the brushed stainless steel front and it is actually a bit different. As for the old one, it was freezing items placed in the bottom drawers and the shelves on the door would constantly fall if you put more than 1 thing on them. The shelf dropping tended to happen most when my mom was operating the door…go figure.

      I think it is the thought that counts so all of those that we interact just are appreciative that we thought of them. I hope you and yours had a great one!

  3. I absolutely love the three gifts you give on Christmas. The commercial aspect of Christmas really disturbs me, and I love how you made the gifts special with the meaning of each one.

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