Happy Things

I like to think that I work well better under pressure. In the past, others like my hubby and mom may think otherwise as all they see is a flurry blur go by that is barking orders and snapping at most in the way. Thankfully, I have come to understand that about myself and now resort to lists and praying through pressure cooker situations so that no matter what, I keep cool. πŸ˜‰

We are the hosts this year for the annual Christmas celebrations and at last count, we have 54 confirmed guests not including hubby and myself. So, needless to say, I have a lot going on in terms of getting things together. Part of the meal is potluck but because of my type A personality, most of the potluck is non-critical items that way my stress is lessened because I don’t have to worry about someone bringing something that isn’t heated up or not in a large enough quantity to feed the masses.


While it may seem a bit daunting to host this many people, it is a fun time for all because it is family, food and fellowship and it is a happy thing.

Another happy thing is I love roosters and chickens. I shared some of the items in my kitchen here and I have a new thing to add:

rooster pitcher

I picked it up at Ross last night while the kids were at AWANA. I have grand plans to redo our kitchen and this vase/pitcher has all of the yummy colors that I had in mind so it shall serve as my inspiration.

As I continue to forge ahead with a mostly handmade Christmas despite feeling way behind, my mind is excitedly thinking about the cracker combos that I will make to go with the hot pepper apple preserve.


Last but not least, is my happy snowman mug. He comes out every Christmas and he makes me smile.

snowman mug

Hoping your day is full with happy things!


5 thoughts on “Happy Things”

  1. When I saw your post in my Google reader, it didn’t show the part about the hot pepper apple preserve. How strange is that??

    I have always had a list mentality so to speak. I am now accepting who I am and loving the fact that I need to have things all written out for my sanity(and everyone elses) πŸ™‚

  2. I totally understand that list making, type A issues. Our Christmas Eve’s used to be 50+ and was usually 100+ at my Grandmothers. We had the entire neighborhood. When I started doing the cooking, I would go insane because I didn’t want anyone “under my feet”

    Keep at those lists and just breathe sweetie, just breathe.

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