My love of ugly vegetables

Yes, I must admit, I do love the ugly vegetable. 🙂 You may recall the beautiful parsnip shared here, and now it is time for the turnip.

more turnips


As you can see, these aren’t the cleaned up beauties from the grocery store. The kids and I went and plucked these right out of the ground at my brother-in-laws. Some people like the tops only (turnip greens) and some only like the bottom which is grown in the ground. I like them both. I mix the turnip greens with other greens (kale, collard, mustard) for mixed greens. As for the bottoms, recipes abound.

I did try a new method a la Julia – turnip casserole that was quite tasty and included bacon. But it was eaten before pics. It is from Mastering the Art of French Cooking, give it a whirl if you have a chance.

I do want to say these are purple globe turnips not to be confused with yellow turnips better known as rutabagas. Just don’t want ya’ll confused, okay.

One of my fave preparations is to simply wash, peel, and cut up the turnips and boil them.

turnips after boiling

After boiling, batch puree them until they are creamy and smooth:

turnips after pureeing

In this case, I froze mine after cooling. But if I were to continue the prep, I would cook up some bacon, remove it and in it’s fat cook up some red onions. Crumble up the bacon and serve it and some sauteed onions on top of the turnips….yummy.

Go embrace some ugly vegetables today. Next up will be celeriac, hmmm love that as a soup.


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  1. Who knew there was difference in the yellow and purple one. I’m not sure that I have tasted either. I have never liked cooked greens. I love spinach salad but just can’t do the cooked version. My taste buds are forever changing so maybe one day. 🙂
    .-= Yolanda´s last blog ..Holiday Nut Loaf =-.

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