That is how many times the following photo has been viewed from my Flickr account. Not sure of all of the interest in a stone fireplace but hey hope it has inspired those that have viewed it. 🙂 For what it’s worth, we absolutely love it and hubby is now ready for football season as he has removed the sailboat and replaced it with a flat screen TV (thanks Uncle Sam for that tax return). Don’t worry it shows it’s fair amount of cooking shows as well and the food looks so yummy in HD. We also don’t use it as a fireplace as we put in a buck stove (wood burning stove) to provide an alternative heat source in the winter. The high ceilings make it very difficult to reach a nice temp inside during the winter.

As we head into fall, looking forward to listening to the smell of wood crackling in the stove and to snuggling on the couch.

What is your most viewed pic?

Stone fireplace