Cooking with Potatoes

I love potatoes! Okay, had to get that off of my chest. They are so versatile-great fried, baked, mashed and they can also be mixed with so many other veggies – like turnips which in the case of my husband, he says he doesn’t like turnips but sure eats them when I mix them with some potatoes.

A few weeks back, while watching the finale of Next Food Network Star and still harboring my ambitions to be on that show, I was intrigued by Melissa’s little potato side dish. Apparently, I wasn’t alone in that Bobby Flay (he’s so cute) was also interested in those potatoes. After purchasing a 5 lb bag of red potatoes from the store as mine didn’t quite yield what I had hoped, I came home determined to make my own little potato side dish.

So, I took out my favorite muffin pan – this pan belonged to my Pop-Pop and I cherish it. Spray the muffin pan with some cooking spray.

muffin pan

Next, slice some potatoes. The small pieces near the ends of the potato come in handy as being the first pieces in the bottom of your muffin pan and the bigger pieces will be near the top.

sliced potatoes

Put a potato slice in the bottom of each muffin pan

first step

Next, continue to add another slice and then add some cheese (I used Monterey Jack) and some herbs (I used thyme). If you cut thinner slices they can be manipulated to wrap the sides but mine were too thick, so they are on the sides now but don’t stay there. 😉

adding cheese

Continue adding potatoes until the muffin pan is filled. Sprinkle the tops with more cheese (I used Parmesan) and more herbs (I used parsley). I don’t have a pic of them before being baked because I couldn’t get the color right on any of them. I don’t envy food photographers and stylists.

Bake on 350 degrees until done, test with finger or fork and will depend on the thickness of your potato slices. Remove from oven and take them out and top with more parsley. Because of my food photography issues, here are several pics of finished product because I couldn’t just pick one….I know, I know, I have some issues. 😉

potatoes & cheese

potatoes & cheese #5

potatoes and cheese #4

These were super yummy and my family of 4 ate all 12 of them. The kids really enjoyed them. Let me know if you decide to try them.

Happy eating and cooking!


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  1. Great idea – sent it on to my kids to have the grandchildren (who love to cook) give it a try. Thanks

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