The Beauty of Nature – In the Summer

Back in December, I shared The Beauty of Nature from beautiful Wintergreen Resort as seen in the fall. This resort is just as beautiful in the summer.

The Prince and Princess

We hosted our family reunion this year and thankfully it was a great success. This was my 2nd time hosting and let’s just say the first time was less than spectacular being that it occurred 1 month after we were married. Hubby had already made the arrangements prior to our marriage and it wasn’t the greatest hotel or anything else. 🙂

Mountains #4

The mountains are always so serene. Hubby always says that the mountains and the beach are great places to see God’s handiwork, I’d have to agree.

Mountains #3

They have this great bungge jump activity and me and the kids gave it a try…my son being the daredevil went much higher than his sis but she did her thing just on her own scale. 🙂

Flip in progress

Little jumps

Mom gives it a whirl

We look forward to going back there again and having more fun!!