When 140 isn't enough

I’m beyond the tired cliches of – “it’s been a while” or “sorry, I haven’t post in some time”….I have been cheating on my lovely blog with Twitter. It’s been a quick, cheap and dirty affair that lends itself to quickies but I am truly feeling like I am so much more than 140 characters.

I originally started this blog as a means to connect with others and to share my thoughts/ideas/feelings about things happening in my life/the world. Of course it evolved to cover homeschooling, cooking, and my Etsy store but regardless of what else it covered it was my way of expressing….

I have met some great folks via Twitter and due to the ease of the affair, I can’t say that I have thoroughly kicked the habit, but I am trying to return to my first form of expressing. Enough of my melodrama….how about some updates.

When strawberries were in season, me and the fam did some picking and came up with this yummy treat.

Strawberry Tart

The garden has continued to grow and these are some of the first pics of my harvest

summer squash

1st tomato

For those that still read my blog, I say thank you for continuing to stay with me and appreciate your patience!!


10 thoughts on “When 140 isn't enough”

  1. OK, gonna need to sneak into your garden…and soon! :o)

    Agree that Twitter is sort of limiting…not certain why I’m waiting, have been retroactively adding some items into my blog-to-be, and have just been “timid” to open it up.

  2. Good to “see” you again! πŸ™‚ My husband really likes Twitter. I haven’t gotten into it. My thing is facebook. πŸ™‚

    Your garden is producing some amazing things!!

  3. We didn’t plant zuchinni this year and now I miss it! Peas are coming, and I’ll be busy shelling and freezing. I LOVE having food from our own soil.

    We need some hot nights to pamper our tomatos a bit. Your’s looks wonderful!

  4. Ah ha! So that’s where you’ve been. I hope you’re back for good!!

    Love garden pics and stories… out here in the arid desert, where nothing grows… πŸ™‚

  5. I thought you “fell off the face of the earth”! LOL!!
    I haven’t been able to squeeze time in to even begin tweeting. I don’t even know how to start…

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