Featured Artist Friday – Dana Laymon

Yippee it is Friday and it is the 1st of May, time sure is flying by…before we get too ahead of ourselves though, it is also Featured Artist Friday. Today we have Dana Laymon of Dana Laymon Photography. Dana’s photography is simply beautiful and she and I are kindred beach spirits. 🙂


Let’s meet her shall we:

1) Tell us about yourself – name, location, any personal tidbits

My name is Dana Laymon and I live in Wilmington, NC. I’m fairly new to Etsy (just joined in Jan) and love the community here. I have a full time job but do photography on the side and it’s truly a passion of mine. I do weddings and portraits as well. My husband and my new puppy also keep my very busy.

2) When you are not creating items, what do you do for fun?

In my spare time I take pictures and go to the beach! I love the beach here and go every chance I get. I also love hanging out with all my friends.

3) When did you first recognize/accept that you were an artist?

I started getting serious about photography in college about 7 years ago and really wanted to keep learning and mastering this craft.

4) Describe your creative process – idea first or material first?

I actually come up with photos both ways- idea first and material first. And I can’t say which way is better because I’ve gotten incredible stuff from both ways.

The Ninth Hole

5) Describe a typical day for yourself in your studio?

My typical day consists of working at my 9-5 day everyday and then going home and trying to get my house duties done and then I dive into photography for a couple hours on the computer. I don’t know how I fit everything in but I do.

6) Besides Etsy, how do you promote your work?

I’m in the process of getting a website up. So hopefully that will drive a lot of people to Etsy. I’m also on Twitter (@danalaymon) and Facebook (Dana Laymon Photography) and I have a blog. Oh yeah, and word of mouth 🙂

7) Any advice for other artisans?

My advice is just to do what you love and continue to master your craft- learn everything you can and don’t think you’ve learned everything there is to know! Also don’t let people tell you that you won’t be successful because if you put hard work into it and believe you’ll succeed than you will, just be smart about it. (not that I even consider myself successful)

Thank you so much Dana for sharing the you behind the lens. Feel free to click on any of the pictures to take yourself straight to Dana’s shop. Her work is beautiful and I am sure your walls will be happy.

Mexican Porch


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