The If Syndrome


I have been quite the quiet one as of late. Last week we took “spring break” because hubby was out of town and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to paint the kids rooms. Last year this time is when we moved into this house and besides painting a few areas, we really haven’t done much.

the tulips are coming

The kids helped with taking down the border and there was the applying of compound to wall cracks and things that just happen in a house that is over 20 years old.


My mom helped as we painted the rooms of the Princess and the Prince and we painted their bathroom.

princess working

Flowers are all blooming. Many of these pics were taken last week so most of the plants have now officially bloomed but you will have to wait for those pics.

the prince

I don’t watch Oprah but I understand her show yesterday was about Moms and motherhood and based on those that I follow on Twitter, it seemed to be an interesting show.

One topic they touched on was expectations and boy does that one get me every time. Lately, I feel as if I am being pulled in so many directions – wife, mom, homeschooler, Pastor’s wife, crafty soul trying to run an Etsy shop, daughter, friend, blogger, etc. I needed to disconnect for a bit from all of the pulling.

I had thoughts like:

1) If my hubby wasn’t a Pastor, we wouldn’t be so busy all the time.

2) If my kids went to school, I would have more time to create.

3) If I sold more items, I would have more money to buy supplies.

4) If I buy more supplies, I could make more items to sell in my shop.

5) If I stayed off the computer, I would have more time to paint, clean, organize, do whatever.

Some of this is completely selfish and I had to realize that and call it as such. I have been called to be a wife, mother, homeschooler, and Pastor’s wife, so I need to focus on those but I also need to strike a delicate balance with the other callings as well. I have to find what works for me and not compare myself to others and realize that my life is not their life and vice versa.