Featured Artist Friday – BijouxDesignsForYou

Today’s Featured Artist Friday is BijouxDesignsForYou. I love their tagline – A little something for everyone! And yes this power crafting duo do have a little something for everyone, let’s meet them shall we:


1) Tell us about yourself – name, location, any personal tidbits

My name is April and together with my mom Glenda we are Bijoux Designs For You. We hail from the outskirts of Toronto Ontario, Canada.

2) When you are not creating items, what do you do for fun?

In addition to our shops I am also a mommy to a beautiful 8 month little boy. That pretty much keeps me busy and I’m just trying to enjoy every moment since he is changing so fast! I also enjoy chatting with the gals over a good cup of coffee, and pre-baby I was an avid reader. My own mother is also a fantastic cook and baker. I wish I lived closer so I could take more advantage of her homemade cookies!

3) When did you first recognize/accept that you were an artist?

I inherited the “fever” from my mother who has been creating something my entire life. Her original passion was for sewing and for many years she owned a fabric/quilting shop. Due to a move she had to close the shop but continued with the craft show circuit. She taught me how to sew and I helped her at the shows when I was younger. I gradually graduated from helper (aka bagger) to creator (making what she told me to) to designer and partner! A few years ago I took her to a jewelry making class for her birthday and we were both immediately hooked. The rest, as they say, is history!

4) Describe your creative process – idea first or material first?

My mom likes to lay everything out first and then put a piece together. I am more of a build as I go type. It can be a certain bead or charm that inspires us or some days I wake up and decide I need a new piece of jewelry for myself!

5) Describe a typical day for yourself in your studio?

Depending on the day (and the baby) I get up and over my morning coffee take care of the computer work (emails, twitter, blog updates, etc). If there are any orders I then pack them up and get them ready for shipping. When the baby naps later in the day I take the time to work on new products and/or pictures. After dinner I try and do some more promotion and work on more creations.

My mom gets up earlier than the sun! She also checks emails and takes care of the “paperwork” stuff. She also packages all the supplies for our supply shop http://rougeriverbeads.etsy.com so in the morning she mainly works on that. In the afternoon she is a “browser” and loves to read all the inspiring artist stories. She also uses this time to work on designs.

We also usually have a good long chat at the beginning and end of the week to figure out our goals, discuss supplies we may need and whatever else we feel like!

6) Besides Etsy, how do you promote your work?

We take part in the local craft show circuit, do home parties, you can tweet with us at Twitter and I love to blog! http://bijouxdesignsforyou.blogspot.com.

7) Any advice for other artisans?

Have patience! We thought in the beginning that we just needed to set up a shop and list our products and the sales would come. This was our first online selling venture and boy have we learned a lot since then! Promote your shop like crazy, learn how to take good pictures, ask for advice and enjoy your journey!




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