Wednesday Unplanned


I planned a post today about all of the flower buds and my one daffodil that is standing alone outside, but the weather and my camera didn’t get my memo, so that ain’t happening.

Both of my little people have slight head colds possible from our constant weather changes and running around outside without hats on because as you know all of your heat goes out your head. πŸ˜‰

I went grocery shopping yet feel uninspired to cook and thought about cereal night but I am going to make some real food before taking the kids to AWANA. It’s pajama night there so at least when we get home they can just brush their teeth and go to bed. My kids can draw out bed time like you wouldn’t believe. It is my hubby’s duty and they tell him long stories and the like, I find them still up and him sleep. There is just something wrong with that, don’t you think?

While they are at AWANA, I will probably saddle up to Starbuck’s and sit in the comfy chair and read or crochet or just stare into space. Hey, it’s my hour, I can spend it how I please. I may stop in Ross and see if they have any more cute sneakers, I snagged a cute pair of keds for $9.99 two weeks ago.

My pepper seeds arrived, so I need to get them into the seed starter and get moving so that will be the follow up gardening post. I also need to confirm with hubby where our garden expansion is going being that I plan to start tilling the ground next week. Of course, I also need to check Craigslist for some composted manure, I love the farmers that give it away for free.

Not much more exciting news than that to report on this hump day. Hope your day was far more interesting than mine. πŸ™‚