The clouds have returned

Yesterday was so wonderful. I did some weed removal in the flower beds and checked on the progress of my tulips and daffodils. Nothing has bloomed just yet but hope springs eternal. Today the clouds and wind have returned to my area. The weekend is calling for nice weather and I so hope they are right.

My mom called in a panic because her local thrift stores are no longer accepting/selling children’s clothes or toys. I haven’t checked my local stores for clothes but I sure hope that Congress amends the CPSIA. As an avid thrifter for my kids clothes, this is disheartening and with our economy not showing signs of an upswing, many other people are relying on thrift stores to supply their needs. If you haven’t, please visit Amend the CPSIA and write your Congressional representatives.

Have no thoughts about dinner, need to check the freezer. I am not one of the menu planning types. I have tried it but sometimes my mood changes and I don’t want what I had planned. 🙂 As a result, I just make sure that the freezer and pantry stay well stocked with the staples for whipping out a gourmet meal. Thinking about making some bread, just because I love the smell but we will see how my time goes this afternoon.

Listed some earrings yesterday – Little Black Dress

little black dress3

Hope your Thursday is a good one!