Forecast – Sunny

Beautiful flower

Today’s forecast is calling for one of the best days of the week. Of course, since God blessed me to wake up this morning, it is already a good day but the sun will make it brighter. I like the sun, I need the sun, the rain and cloudiness had me about done in…

The Princess finished her MUS Alpha book but before we move on to Beta, we are going to continue reviewing and drilling our math facts. I would also like to touch more on money because they have lots of questions about that and I would like to do a more in depth study on it before moving forward.

The flower up above is from one of my favorite places in Durham, NC. We are hoping to go back there soon when hubby goes for work. I just love that place.

I really need some coffee, I am thinking iced. Off to finish school, take some pics outside to upload later, and dig my hands in the dirt to clean up and clear out some of my flower beds.

Hope your Wednesday is a sunny one.