All Wrapped Up

After some wrapping and more wrapping, I listed these earrings earlier today….St. Patrick’s Day free shipping sale ends tomorrow!!

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The Princess is 6 Years Post-transplant

Today, is our little Princess’ 6 year post transplant anniversary. We are so thankful and so grateful. Here is a poem that I shared 2 years ago expressing my thoughts and feelings.

A Selfless Act

Today the rains came
Not a little rain
To make it look wet
But rain that never ends

On this day 4 years ago
We felt the impending gloom
We knew we were approaching
Approaching the point of no return

Our daughter needed a new liver
No liver meant no life
And on that bright sunny day
We were told she would
Receive the gift of life

A gift so precious yet so selfless
A gift we yearned for but left it in God’s hands
Because we knew for a gift so sweet
An untimely fate someone else would meet

She received her liver and is doing great
On this anniversary day
We are thankful she feels great
Prayers continually are sent
To God for her gift
And also for her donor family
Who by giving us immense joy
Chose sorrow for themselves

On that day in 1995
When her mother’s brother chose to end his life
Who would have known that selflessly
Choosing to share his organs with others
Would one day result in us needing
Someone else to share theirs

Thank God for selfless acts
And it is our prayer
That our daughter will realize
How special she is
And life a live of selfless acts

Rain brings renewal
Renewal of life
Renewal of love
Renewal of hope
Thank God for the rain