Ooooh, the head is going to explode, in a good way

Yes, that is how I feel this fine Friday morning. I know many would never consider their head exploding a good thing but it needs to get out some how, doesn’t it?

This post may go in various directions, but stay with me, will ya?

I discovered yesterday that a former reader has an Etsy shop and I am excited because next week, she is going to be my first interview on here because of course I think her work is lovely. Nope, I am not giving away any hints.

Yesterday (which was really today because I never hit Publish), I blogged about joining Twitter. Well, it is different than FB and it is growing on me. Some of you may be wondering, why am I adding yet another thing to my already full plate, well it is part of the *exposure* game. In order for people to know you exist, you must go to them and tell them and hope that they will come to your little place on Earth. I have never been the type of person to do something just because, so I was tickled when one of my readers inquired about whether my Etsy shop was just a hobby or did I really hope to make some money. Being the eternal optimist that I am, I told her that of course I want to make some money. 😉 Of course, this is all balanced with the understanding that I am a wife, a mom, a mom that homeschools, and there are only a limited amount of hours in each day.

Of course, one can spend a lot of time getting exposure and that is a lot of time wasted in making product. Striking a balance is truly key to not only this situation but in all that we do in life.

I was working on a pair of earrings and needless to say what I saw in my head didn’t translate into the silver. In preparation for a St. Patrick’s Day sale of all things green, I was inspired by a celtic vector sheet that I had come across. Here are versions of the shape with and without the emerald Swarovski crystals attached, what do you think – scrap it and start all over or salvage?

emerald wip1

silver wip

Before I forget, Karen is having a Soft Lips Lip Balm giveaway on her blog, make sure to join in. I had more thoughts when this post started and after a few interruptions, I can’t remember all of my trains of thought. I think I need some coffee, hope you are enjoying your Friday!!!


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  1. Kiva, why not joing them at the ends (bottoms of the pic above) with a great focal piece and make a necklace?

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