Tuesday Two-Step

Just beautiful

The weather over the weekend was just divine!!!!! I was a spoiled camper all weekend outside without a jacket and I just loved it. Of course today the temps have dropped closer to normal and the sun is hidden behind the clouds but I still know that spring is coming.

Last year about this time is when my life started getting hectic as we were preparing to move and I fell off of the face of the blogosphere for some time. I was going back through my pictures and remembered all of our *new* experiences in what was then our new home. The above picture is one of at least 5 robin’s nest that we had the joy of watching the nest construction, eggs appearing, eggs hatching, Mommy/Daddy feeding and protecting, babies growing and then babies leaving the nest. My kids and I are excited about what this spring will hold for us and how many families our yard will serve as habitat and home.

Over the weekend, I did walk around the yard and there are buds appearing on many of the trees. The daffodils are up higher but no blooms as of yet. There is a neighbor that must have a zillion daffodils that line both sides of their driveway and I noticed today that some have already bloomed. They are so pretty when they are all in bloom.

Speaking of blooming, my Etsy store has had a few more sales. I am excited and look forward to what else is in store. I finished my first custom order and I am very excited. I can’t show any pics because the wonderful customer actually found me via my blog and I don’t want to spoil her surprise. 🙂

I just placed an order for some lovely supplies so look for some updates when they arrive. I had a busy weekend with lots going on and this Saturday we are hosting a gathering at our house of some of my hubby’s classmates from Seminary and their families so squeezing in the time to create has been difficult but I persevere because I plan to participate in the Etsy Crest St. Patty’s Day sale and that of course is one day after the Princess’ 6 year transplant anniversary!!!

Leftover pizza for lunch today, yummy!!!! Hope your day is a great one!!!!