It snowed today

snow in the backyard

and snowed

snow out front

and snowed

snow on the side

So, what did it do it your neighborhood today?


7 thoughts on “It snowed today”

  1. Your pictures are beautiful! We got 11″ of snow (Bryantown, MD) and lost our power from 11pm Sunday night until 4pm Monday afternoon. I was freezing!!!!!

  2. Record heat of 88 degrees. Seriously. Makes it seem like a HUGE country when on one side there’s record heat, and on the other, you’re totally blanketed in white stuff.

  3. Your pics look like NW Montana has looked since Dec., and we probably won’t see green til May! It is lovely though, but enough is enough! It was warmer today, in the 40’s, so it’s getting pretty slushy. And i appreciated your comment on mothering wisdom, and I do agree that if we do what God’s design is He promises they will eventually get it. Our faith may be stretched more, but we get drawn closer to Him through it all!!
    blessings, Abigail

  4. Those pictures just took the bite off of all the cold we are experiencing. They make me a little more accepting of winter…

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