Ultimate Blog Party Giveaway Winner

Well the day has arrived to pick the winner for the Ultimate Blog Party Giveaway….I know you all have been waiting on pins and needles. 😉

swish swish2

Using my fav random generator from random.org, the winner is:

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-03-28 14:46:58 UTC

And lo and behold, the winner is Missy. Congratulations!!! Send me your address at farmsteadladydesigns at gmail dot com.


Featured Artist Friday (FAF) – Locket2You

Today’s featured artist is Scott from Locket2You. Lockets evoke such memories for me as my mom always had one with pictures of me and brother. Lockets are a beautiful jewelry staple that allow you the wearer to wear a beautiful piece of jewelry as well as keep close to you those that are special.


1) Tell us about yourself – name, location, any personal tidbits

I’m Scott McCarty of Portland Oregon and I used to play bridge with a Persian Princess and dated an actress that made out with Richard Grieco in a movie.

2) When you are not creating items, what do you do for fun?

Well, for fun I help out with my son’s kindergarten class where I am known as Zombie Daddy. They make me chase them around the playground like a zombie. I think this upsets some of the up tight parents but these kids need to learn how to run away from the undead, its a life skill I help them develop. I also like to keep up UFO sightings and other paranormal activities. I give my wife nightmares listening to Coast to Coast AM every night.

3) When did you first recognize/accept that you were an artist?

I first wanted to be an Artist when I was a kid, but mom soon squelched that! It has taken me years to finally come to terms that I am an artist, sorry mom. My wife, Miranda, is truly a born artist and she has helped me accept that I am not a corporate ladder climber. Needless to say my wife and my mom…. well lets just leave that to your imagination.

4) Describe your creative process – idea first or material first?

Idea first! I used to be a construction project manager. My job was to fix anything and everything so I learned that just about anything can be done. I have about 10 great ideas in my head right now that I hope to work on in the future. They range from fabric to radio to road side tourist attractions.

5) Describe a typical day for yourself in your studio?

I love to wake up around 5am and make my coffee and feed the cats, all five of them! I start up Twitter and check my Etsy site for sales and convos. I then check the lockets that I worked on the night before to make sure the resin is curing properly. After that it is keeping up on what the world is talking about, looking for new ideas and seeing what my other Etsy friends are doing. I wake up my son and make him breakfast and then it is off to school. Once I get back home around 10 I start working on new lockets and see what might work and what doesn’t. Time flies then I go and pick up my son from school and we play for awhile at the park with the other kids. We get back home make dinner and chill for little bit. Once the kid is in bed I get ready to pour the resin on the lockets that I worked on that day and for orders that need to be filled. Thankfully, with the print at home shipping I can just drop my packages off and not stand in that awful line at the post office.

6) Besides Etsy, how do you promote your work?

Twitter! I love to tweet my work. Word of mouth and advertising and doing craft shows where I hand out a ton of business cards.

7) Any advice for other artisans?

Stay positive! You cannot work in fear or doubt. Good things happen everyday you just have to be willing to see them. Oh and eat a good breakfast.

Thanks to Scott for sharing with all of us. Below are more pictures of Scott’s work including locket earrings – how cute are they!!!!! If you click on any of the pictures, they will take you directly to their Etsy listing page for you to purchase and have for your very own.

If you are an artisan that would like to have your handcrafted lovelies, featured, send me an email.



Not much too say

Pretty in pink and purple

I know it is hard for some to believe, but I don’t have much to say today. The problem is that I have too much going on in my head and too much to say that condensing it all is a problem. Working on a few things in terms of actually trying to create a *look* so that I can unify the things I do moving forward. Also, have some other irons in the fire.

On Twitter, there was a great motivation shared the other day about using the time of a downturn to prepare for the upswing that will follow…I guess that is the vein in which I am trying to walk. Definite food for thought, I believe.

What motivates you?

Wednesday Unplanned


I planned a post today about all of the flower buds and my one daffodil that is standing alone outside, but the weather and my camera didn’t get my memo, so that ain’t happening.

Both of my little people have slight head colds possible from our constant weather changes and running around outside without hats on because as you know all of your heat goes out your head. 😉

I went grocery shopping yet feel uninspired to cook and thought about cereal night but I am going to make some real food before taking the kids to AWANA. It’s pajama night there so at least when we get home they can just brush their teeth and go to bed. My kids can draw out bed time like you wouldn’t believe. It is my hubby’s duty and they tell him long stories and the like, I find them still up and him sleep. There is just something wrong with that, don’t you think?

While they are at AWANA, I will probably saddle up to Starbuck’s and sit in the comfy chair and read or crochet or just stare into space. Hey, it’s my hour, I can spend it how I please. I may stop in Ross and see if they have any more cute sneakers, I snagged a cute pair of keds for $9.99 two weeks ago.

My pepper seeds arrived, so I need to get them into the seed starter and get moving so that will be the follow up gardening post. I also need to confirm with hubby where our garden expansion is going being that I plan to start tilling the ground next week. Of course, I also need to check Craigslist for some composted manure, I love the farmers that give it away for free.

Not much more exciting news than that to report on this hump day. Hope your day was far more interesting than mine. 🙂

Ultimate Blog Party – Giveaway!!!!

The partying continues for the Ultimate Blog Party 2009. If you missed the party starting post, check here.

Today, I need everyone to pull out your tickets for our first door prize….don’t worry, I will give you a few moments, I know how hard it is to keep up with those things. 😉


Our first door prizes is this lovely pair of earrings. They are handcrafted by me and are composed of sterling silver, swarovski midnight blue pearls and some peachy glass beads. They will move with you and compliment anything in your wardrobe whether jeans or finery.

swish swish4

To enter this door prize raffle, leave me a comment here saying hi! That’s it, how easy peasy is that…I will draw a winner on Saturday, March 28th with my fav random number generator. So you have until Friday night to find your ticket….hurry up!!!

2009 Ultimate Blog Party – Join the Fun

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Woohoo, hope you don’t mind the loud noise and confetti, but there is a party going on!!!! A celebration to last throughout next week to paraphrase Kool & the Gang! 😉

We have signed up for the Ultimate Blog Party 2009 – click the banner above for more information.

Now excuse me if I am shouting but it so hard to talk over the music. Over here at the farmstead, we make a lot of noise at our parties because there is no one to disturb. Parties start in the house but definitely spill outside, I do ask that you not step on my flower beds and the garden is completely off limits.

I’m Kiva and I am the hostess, you can read more about me here. I use this space in the blogiverse to share tidbits about me and my life. You are likely to see a mix of homeschooling, crafty thoughts, gardening, recipes, pictures, my creations, and whatever crosses my mind. I just started a new feature called Featured Artists Friday where I will highlight different creative folks that I come across, make sure to check back.

I love lots of things to share and will be sharing throughout next week and I will have a few giveaways in addition to blog party giveaways, so I’ll be back to check on you as I am such a great hostess. 🙂 In the meantime, have fun and enjoy the vittles.