Photography Lessons

Everyone has heard that a picture can tell 1,000 words and when one is trying to convey a message, it is important to get the right picture. I felt that some of my photos needed some redoing so tell me what you think of the before and after of the following:


Twisted Green Bracelet


green revamped4




honey revamped5


Purple Whimsy Bracelet


purple revamped1

I tried to catch some morning light that I read is good for picture taking and I tried different angles, so do they tell 1,000 words?


7 thoughts on “Photography Lessons”

  1. Great afters, Kiva! My friend Brenda, who is a way better pic taker than me and helping me to be better, told me once that it is better to take pics from the angles instead of right on. I have been trying to do more of that and really DO like them much better.

    Your afters really show off your pieces well.

  2. Lovely pictures of your lovely jewelry. The only thing I would do is add a lamp overhead to get rid of some of the shadows (shadows detract from some of the vibrance of your pieces IMHO). Otherwise I think you are doing an excellent job.

    This site has some good tips: there’s homemade lightbox tutorials you can search for online and you can always use desktop lamps instead of expensive strobes to take the pics. More light will allow you to get the details super sharp so your customers can see all aspects of your jewelry.

  3. You may not want to hear this, but I like your before pictures, although the afters do ofter a nice alternative perspective. It is particularly nice, though, that the backgrounds of the “afters” look more elegant. However but I love the positioning of the green bracelet’s “before”! Hah. I guess I’m no help. πŸ™‚

  4. I think the re-do’s are incredible! The first two look great on the glassy, white background the last would maybe be better on a white cotton sheet or some matt finish? I don’t know, I like em!

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