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I have heard how several people have stopped blogging once they joined Facebook and I said that I would not allow that to happen to me….the other day it dawned on me that I had been light in my blog posting but I had posted on Facebook after several friends tagged me with 25 Things. So to save *face*, I am posting my list here as well and I am not tagging anyone but if you would like to share your 25 Things, please ping or link back as I would love to read them. Enjoy!

1. I am thankful that Christ forgives and forgets.

2. I love my husband and love being his wife.

3. My son died in my arms after living for an hour and a half.

4. I used to act without thinking now I often think too much.

5. I love chocolate and peanut butter, they were made to go together.

6. I am a major homebody and try my best to avoid leaving my house.

7. I have not worked outside of the home for over 6 years now despite 2 degrees.

8. I don’t like debating people who use feelings instead of facts.

9. I used to be very self-absorbed and hurt a lot of people.

10. My kids have helped me to love the simple things in life.

11. I believe that if you woke up today then it is a good day.

12. I’m often told that I am not typical, who decides what typical is anyway?

13. My favorite movie is Like Water For Chocolate and I actually got my hubby to watch it even though it has subtitles.

14. I love to cook and if I could do something differently, I would have went to culinary school.

15. I try to live without regrets but I wouldn’t mind a few do-overs.

16. I appreciate those who take me as I am – cracked, flawed, loud and crazy.

17. My hubby balances me well and I am glad that I let God lead me to a spouse instead of me picking one because I am sure that I would be either miserable and married or divorced and desperate.

18. I teach my kids to try all foods otherwise you don’t know if you like it or not.

19. My in-laws all think I cook gourmet so they don’t let me bring stuff, I used to be upset now I don’t care.

20. I homeschool my kids and even though it is a lot of pressure, I don’t want to change it.

21. Last year I had a garden and I canned many things, it is great to know where your food came from but I also felt old in that none of my friends do that sort of thing.

22. I want my children to know that money truly does not grow on trees, nor does it flow freely from an ATM nor does American Express let you charge things because they like you.

23. I don’t like it when people don’t have any beliefs/convictions/stances, believe in something or you will fall for anything.

24. I still try to read 2 newspapers a day as my grandpa did, it helps with vocabulary and it helps me beat my hubby at Scrabble.

25. I think I am finally going to put to rest my dream of becoming a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, there aren’t too many 29 year olds trying out. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “25 Things and Facebook”

  1. Great list!

    I didn’t know about your son…SO sorry to hear about that. I can not image a greater loss than that of a child, and my heart breaks for anyone who has had to experience that firsthand.

    I am also one who avoids leaving home if I don’t really have to leave. Home is my absolute favorite place to be! This kinda drives my family nuts, though.

    Oh, and I’m on Facebook too, if you want to find me there…
    Missy Kohlhorst Olivo

  2. Hmmmm….. my 25 things!! The first thing is can I even think of 25 things that I want to share πŸ™‚

    1. I’m thankful that God left me and instruction book for life.
    2. oh and very thankful for the Helper and the grace when I think a know a better way.
    3. I love cooking and watching food network shows and making recipes lower fat.
    4. I have a younger friend πŸ™‚ farmsteadlady who knows how to can food and boy the pear perserves and pear applesauce was ummmummm good!
    5. I struggle with getting out of the house on time because I see things in the morning I don’t see or are too tired to see at night.
    6. I love Great Danes even though their lives are relatively short and MAGDRL (great Dane resuce), we are now have our 4th Great Dane.
    7. My mom passed away a little over a year ago.
    8. I am trying to finish, edit a children’s book she sent to many publishers years ago before all of the online resources came into existence.
    9. I subscribe to Webster’s Online Word of the Day podcast, ok here’s one “Lettuce Days” (my personal favorite, new word).
    10. In my ‘Lettuce Days’ I wanted to be a professional dancer on Broadway or on a TV variety show (ok giving my age away)
    11. I’m proud of my husband’s dedicated service to our country in the military for 22 years.
    12. I love the saying on a plaque I found at a country market ”
    12. Thankful that inspite of mistakes of youth God can blessed me with a faithful husband who loves the Lord.
    13. Our parents told us we were so poor growing up that I couldn’t believe it when someone said there was no Santa. (we didn’t realize that graduating from Cornell and Howard and being professionals, paid well :))
    14. Very thankful that our parents brought us up that way, the result is that neither my brother or I are (or were, my brother passed away) materialistic.
    15. I spent most of my growing up years going on camping vacations with my family, so I love outdoors and outdoor activities.
    16. Grew up going to the beach every year and still am very satisfied at the beach with little other activity.
    17. love roller coasters! Now I think “hmmmm…. in my lettuce days this was exciting, now I actually might have a heart attack!” πŸ™‚
    18. Bike riding is a favorite exercise and fundraising activity.
    19. Have riden in the National Multiple Sclerosis bike rides for more than ten years.
    20. I love spending every Friday at home with my hubbie watching movies.
    21. I am frustrated by debates were folks have the attitude “don’t confuse me with the facts” and avoid those kind of debates as much as possible.
    22. I have a shop an Etsy handmade crafts as well, agapecraftslady, stop on by.
    23. I used to make hand made gift bags and now you can buy beautiful bags a the $ store. Takes me a half hour to make one! 😦 I thought I invented gift card boxes 3 years ago and now they are at the store too! but mine are prettier! πŸ™‚
    24. Love to go to thrift stores, today’s sweater, you guessed it thrift store!
    25. Excited about “truth tools”, inductive study methodology for digging out the God’s truths so that I can get my Vitamin “A”, apply them to my life.

  3. Woops, I never finished my thought on the FIRST #12 πŸ™‚
    I love the saying I found on a plaqued in a roadside farmers market “If you are too open minded, your brain will fall out”!

  4. I love your list. You should make it a permanent page!

    Reading it reminds me why I like you so much… and reminds me how much we have in common!

    Neither did I realize you had a baby son who lived for only an hour and a half. That is heartbreaking.

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