Monster Trucks

The Prince recently turned 5 and he wanted to go the Monster Truck Jam for his birthday. It was coming to town the week after so we purchased tickets and off we went. Being the great mom that I am, we were rushing and I forgot my camera and the picture I took with him and Superman on my cell phone, I forgot to save because I never take pictures on my cell phone. We sat next to a nice couple and he gladly accepted my crazed mom plea to send me pictures so that this event could live forever in our minds. 🙂

If you have never been to a monster truck event it is loud and the Princess needed ear plugs for her sensitive ears. My sweet neighbor didn’t share any pictures of Madusa who actually won the wheelie contest and yes she beat Gravedigger which was awesome for all of us girlie girls in the crowd.

Here’s some of the guys in the beginning of the show.

monster jam

Here’s Viper:


Here’s Superman:

superman in motion

Here’s crowd favorite Gravedigger:

gravedigger in motion

Here is Superman after he tried to best Madusa’s freestyle top score, he took a tumble but it was so awesome that he did beat her score only until Gravedigger came out and bested him with straight 10’s.

superman tumbles

Behind him is Screamin’ Demon who is local….it was a great day in the city seeing trucks, riding the Metro and eating at Ruby Tuesday’s and the entire family had fun.

Hope you are having a great weekend!