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We have a new first family and I think they looked lovely. The Princess is quite smitten with Malia and Sasha and I think the Prince has a crush or two, we can’t figure out if it is one or both of those beautiful girls. πŸ™‚

As I sat today and took in all of the events, there were so many thoughts that ran through my head. I thought of my Great-Great-Aunt that is 100 years old and never thought she would see such a day. I thought of my deceased grandfather that worked as a civilian for the military working with the equipment that the military needed to do their jobs effectively yet he couldn’t vote. The stories could go on but my stories are the same of so many others in this country.

I recall being in college as a Political Science and having arguments with friends over taking the right to vote for granted. I think about how it has only been about 41 years since the last miscegenation laws were wiped from the books in Virginia. This was a historical day for this country and only those ignorant of history would think otherwise. Whether you approve or disapprove of the new President, he is the new President.

I am also reminded of words from 1 Timothy 2:1-2 – β€œI urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone – for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.” (NIV)

As a Christian, we are to pray for our leaders. God didn’t specify that we pray only if they are the ones we voted for but we are to pray because they are in charge. Not only should we pray for the President, but also the Vice-President, Members of Congress, the Supreme Court Justices, Mayors and all of those in government.

As we move forward with the myriad of challenges that face our country, I do hope that we all will embrace H-O-P-E and that we will pray earnestly for our leaders.

Another set of reflections revolved around the President and the First Lady – they are one of the most striking couples that I have ever seen and they look very much in love. Not goo goo ga ga love, but a love that is deep and true where their is mutual affection, admiration and respect. In a world where we prefer so many things that are disposable, including our marriages, it is refreshing and encouraging.

So, did you have any reflections from today?


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  1. I couldn’t agree more about praying for them! As for the political differences I have with President Obama….as far as I’m concerned he started with a clean slate this morning. I’m not going to criticize him for what I think he MIGHT do, I’m going to give him a fair chance to make the right decisions for this country. Who knows, with all the prayers going up for him right now, he may unexpectedly change his stance on abortion, ect. Miracles can happen!

    If he doesn’t change his views in those areas? I’ll simply continue to pray for him and I’ll remind myself that God is still in control no matter WHO is sitting behind that desk in the oval office!

    Also, I couldn’t help but be proud and shed a few tears yesterday. All politics aside, it speaks volumes about our country that he is our President and I’m pretty stinking proud of us as a country. πŸ™‚

  2. >>…they are one of the most striking couples that I have ever seen and they look very much in love. Not goo goo ga ga love, but a love that is deep and true where their is mutual affection, admiration and respect. In a world where we prefer so many things that are disposable, including our marriages, it is refreshing and encouraging.<<

    I find myself almost in tears every time I see them together. So different from any other presidential couple… and such a great model of what marriage should look like! I can see her nervousness about her new role and her dh’s new role, and I can see him constantly comforting her with a small touch, a whisper in her ear, a look. Awesome!

    LOL. I hope my teens are paying attention!

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  4. Fantastic post, Kiva.

    I have lots of thoughts… brimming over this week… I won’t post them all here. But, on the topic of the President and first lady as a couple — in a time when 69% of African American babies are born to unwed mothers, we desperately need a model of strong, healthy minority families, especially fathers and husbands. The Obamas really fit that bill. Thank God for their example. (see

  5. Quite frankly, I think they are a good example for *all* families. In the aftermath of such hope and change and a President and First Family that was elected by a majority of the country and thus many races, I am saddened at how they can be reduced to being a role model for just the race that they are outwardly identified with…

    If we take the same 2006 data that you reference and go to its original source rates are rising among all races. I have always loved statistics because if worded in such a way, anyone can make them work to/for their advantage. For example, if we look at the 15-19 years of age group and broke it down by race, Whites had 169,837 births, African-Americans had 103,692, American Indian/Native Alaskan had 8,222 births and Hispanics had 145,651. Yet when we look at the percentage or rate, we can’t forget that it is relative to their numbers in our larger population. Percentages are as follows: Whites – 26.6%, African-Americans – 63.7%, American Indian/Native Alaskan – 54.7%, and Hispanics – 83%. Because there are more whites in our larger population, their rate/percentage is the lowest even though they had the most births. Hispanics were second, African-Americans third and American Indian/Native Alaskan was fourth. However, anyone who chose not to follow the data may have been led to believe that African-Americans were in desperate need of a family role model when yet again the numbers show that all races are obviously in need of a family model.

  6. Oh, Kiva. I’m so sorry if I’ve saddened you with my comment. You’re absolutely right: The whole country is in desperate need of stronger families. I’m so sorry if my comment sounded like I was saying that only African Americans needed a good role model; that’s simply not true. Divorce, unmarried parents, cohabitation, teen pregnancy, abortion… it’s all running rampant across our country, with men and women from every race affected and prticipating. It’s just that the particular sadness of much higher statistics, percentage-wise, in many of these areas, among minorities, are of GREAT concern to me.

    I am becoming more and more and more convinced that we need not only the hope of “You can do it!” but the admonition of “You should do it!” where the ‘hard things’ are concerned — moral issues, responsibility, ethics, etc. That’s actually the thing that greatly encouraged me about Obama’s inauguration address. It’s printed out in my newspaper, and I’ve saved it, and read it over, and had my two older boys read it, because he speaks not just of hope, but of personal responsibility and accountability, and I think we need our leaders preaching that message.

    I’m not saying he’s a role model just to African Americans… but surely you agree that it’s a fantastic opportunity that he and Mrs. Obama have to lead our country in both in the issues of politics, and in… saying, “This is the way to go, walk in it” for families and morality.

    (If only he didn’t support abortion. 😦 )

  7. Yes I do agree that it is a fantastic opportunity for the two of them to lead our country in all of those areas. πŸ™‚ Like you, the rates among minorities are a concern for me and having worked with some of those in those populations, it’s about breaking and then changing a way of life, thinking, living that doesn’t happen overnight. Personal responsibility and accountability are key and leaders much preach that message but also walk the walk. We have many that are in leadership positions (elected, self-appointed, etc.) that don’t do a very good job of that and also we have a hard time truly turning the mirror on ourselves and being honest with that reflection.

    As for the abortion issue, I am not going to go there. I think that we should be thankful for our form of government and realize that there are 3 branches of government and no one branch can just up and undo things without the other branches so the likelihood of major reversals and the like are highly unlikely.

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