A thrifty love

My love of thrift stores is no secret. What is a secret is what you can find on that unexpected trip to a store that you don’t visit but you know is there on a day when you were out and about doing other things but you feel that tugging to just do a walk-through, do you know what I mean?!?!?

I hit a Salvation Army store on Wednesday after having taken the Prince to IHOP and before taking him to Chuck E. Cheese. It’s always good to have the parents in tow as the kids thought it was way more fun to sit in Pop-Pop’s car than to venture in to the store, so that left me and my mom aka partner in crime, enabler, just down right trouble. 🙂

I love flowers and with all of the cold weather that we have had, I needed something warm and bright and I found it in this:

up close view

full view

It is just lovely and to think that someone parted with this…the artist signed it and I love the raised paint edges around the petals and the detail of the entire work. I could go on and on but just know that I am in love with this painting and I am thankful to whomever thought that should donate it to the Salvation Army, thank you so much!