Let's review the top 10 posts

With the new year comes reflection on things from yesteryear mostly to gain insight as to what one could do better, what worked out well, what didn’t and direction for future pursuits and endeavors.  My blogging took a serious hit in 2008 when we moved in April.  Lucky for me, blogging is therapeutic and not money making or else I would be in some serious trouble.  Nonetheless, I wanted to take a look back at my old blog and see what led readers to my little spot in the bloggy universe and what lessons can I learn from those readers interests.

Here are my top 10 blog posts:

1. Pin Cushion Tutorial (has over 9,500 views and still counting on my old blog thanks to a link from a free pin cushion tutorial site).

2. I Think Therefore I Am – has so many hits because people are always searching for pictures of tulips and wildflowers.

3. Knitting Needle Holder for Mom – Lots of folks out there looking for some way to store their needles.

4. Moi – It’s the about the author page on the new blog, I stopped being French.  🙂

5. I’ve Got Nothing to Wear – I think the title led some and they were hoping for something different

6. Wednesday Wonders, 1st Refashion & Vera Bradley – Vera Bradley and saving the environment, what more can I say.

7. Being a Superhero – Who didn’t have a childhood dream of wearing a cape and tights?

8. My first handbag, jewelry and more – I think it is the pic of my sleeping family that is the big draw, don’t you?

9. Firmly Planted – Our Homeschool – Oooh.. she homeschools…. interesting…..

10. Wonder Woman, I am Not – Once again, I think people are drawn to the Superhero reference.

What have learned you may ask?  If I wish to increase readership, I should focus on tutorials, flower pictures, superhero stuff, and use titles that are a big vague yet suggestive.  Great now I am off to plan future posts armed with this valuable research.