Monster Trucks

The Prince recently turned 5 and he wanted to go the Monster Truck Jam for his birthday. It was coming to town the week after so we purchased tickets and off we went. Being the great mom that I am, we were rushing and I forgot my camera and the picture I took with him and Superman on my cell phone, I forgot to save because I never take pictures on my cell phone. We sat next to a nice couple and he gladly accepted my crazed mom plea to send me pictures so that this event could live forever in our minds. 🙂

If you have never been to a monster truck event it is loud and the Princess needed ear plugs for her sensitive ears. My sweet neighbor didn’t share any pictures of Madusa who actually won the wheelie contest and yes she beat Gravedigger which was awesome for all of us girlie girls in the crowd.

Here’s some of the guys in the beginning of the show.

monster jam

Here’s Viper:


Here’s Superman:

superman in motion

Here’s crowd favorite Gravedigger:

gravedigger in motion

Here is Superman after he tried to best Madusa’s freestyle top score, he took a tumble but it was so awesome that he did beat her score only until Gravedigger came out and bested him with straight 10’s.

superman tumbles

Behind him is Screamin’ Demon who is local….it was a great day in the city seeing trucks, riding the Metro and eating at Ruby Tuesday’s and the entire family had fun.

Hope you are having a great weekend!


The Cat is out of the Bag


Did you see Good Morning America’s segment on thrift shopping? I tell ya, they spilled all of the secrets. My mom called and said we will have competition in the stores when we go, all I could was laugh.

I have been a thrifter since high school as I have always liked unique items (read old). In college, a friend was pregnant and her and hubby and little money so we outfitted the entire nursery from thrift and consignment stores. As a nation we throw away so many things that truly have not been used to the fullest.

I guess I need to work on my elbows and other blocking moves before my next trip to my local thrift stores.

Wednesday Wonderings

outdoor fun3

It’s a winter wonderland in these parts due to a combination of snow followed by sleet and freezing rain. Hubby went in late and once he made it off of our back road, the roads were great. We live less than 1 mile from town yet they didn’t plow our roads yesterday. Actually our 70+ neighbor plowed the road and everyone’s driveway, bless his heart.

As most moms, my days are hectic and sometimes the things I would like to accomplish, I don’t due to XY and Z. I have been evaluating my time takers lately and one is the tv. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t watch a lot of tv but after a day with the kids and school and this and that, I do sometimes sit down looking forward to some quiet time. I am usually multi-tasking in that I am watching but also on the computer or knitting/crochet or jotting down some to-do lists or throughout the course of a show, all three of those things. 🙂 I think my real tv issue is reality shows like the Real Housewives and the Bachelor. I am not going to go into the Bachelor because I have blogged about that before but last night’s episode (and a few previous ones) of the Real Housewives has me wondering, why in the world do I waste my time watching this mess????

The Atlanta show was ridiculous and full of so much ghetto drama. I was shocked and appalled and I secretly hoped that they wouldn’t film a season 2 of Atlanta. New York, I liked some of the gals and couldn’t understand how Bethany (reject from Martha Stewart’s Apprentice) had made her way onto yet another reality show. Then there are those O.C. girls. A few weeks ago, I was said at Laurie’s leaving but I understood. After she left it was as if the *crazy* side came out of everyone else. I think last night put me over the top in that I watched as Jeanna says it’s okay for her kids to sleep with their love interest of the moment in her house (even if the child is only 16)…..what?!?!?!?! Then there was the underage drinking by Lynne’s daughter and Jeanna’s boys total disrespect of her as their mom.

Two of these acts were justified by the parents because well they are doing these things at home. Now, I know that some other cultures, kids do grow up on things like wine and the like and hey that is fine but in this particular case, Lynne’s daughter was just grabbing drinks and hanging with the adults as if she were their peer, she isn’t. She was drinking at the bowling alley last week and she just recently received a car for her birthday, do her parents honestly believe that she will not drink and drive?!?!?!? She is 18 with no job, no interest in one and neither parent seemingly sending her in the direction of obtaining some life skills.

snowy fun2

I think most kids exhibit some level of spoiledness, including my own. However, some of these kids truly take the cake. After the show went off last night, I sat wondering okay Season 1 was good and sense then, I think I have had my fill of this and will not tune in again. That’s my goal for next Tuesday to just not tune in to this mess.

While watching the news, I saw that AIG is still going to give out bonuses on average of $1M to some employees. Yes, that one sent me for a loop. They say it is in their contract, last time I checked the state of their business affairs, it would seem to me that they are overdue for some contract renegotiation, don’t cha think?

I have a 2 year blogiversary coming up and I want to do something for it, any ideas???

going down

Sharing Some Etsy Love

I wanted to start of the day by sharing some etsy love. You see, I have purchased a few items as of late that I have loved and I just wanted to share the love because maybe some of you will find something that you loved. I am not getting a discount for this, I am just sharing to share. 🙂

Below are their pics from Flickr but if you see something you like, go to their profiles and it links to their Etsy shops. Happy shopping!

Sharing Some Etsy Love

1. journaling in white, 2. word lover, mixed media folk art painting, 3. pink peony, 4. set photo

Reflections on the day


We have a new first family and I think they looked lovely. The Princess is quite smitten with Malia and Sasha and I think the Prince has a crush or two, we can’t figure out if it is one or both of those beautiful girls. 🙂

As I sat today and took in all of the events, there were so many thoughts that ran through my head. I thought of my Great-Great-Aunt that is 100 years old and never thought she would see such a day. I thought of my deceased grandfather that worked as a civilian for the military working with the equipment that the military needed to do their jobs effectively yet he couldn’t vote. The stories could go on but my stories are the same of so many others in this country.

I recall being in college as a Political Science and having arguments with friends over taking the right to vote for granted. I think about how it has only been about 41 years since the last miscegenation laws were wiped from the books in Virginia. This was a historical day for this country and only those ignorant of history would think otherwise. Whether you approve or disapprove of the new President, he is the new President.

I am also reminded of words from 1 Timothy 2:1-2 – “I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone – for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.” (NIV)

As a Christian, we are to pray for our leaders. God didn’t specify that we pray only if they are the ones we voted for but we are to pray because they are in charge. Not only should we pray for the President, but also the Vice-President, Members of Congress, the Supreme Court Justices, Mayors and all of those in government.

As we move forward with the myriad of challenges that face our country, I do hope that we all will embrace H-O-P-E and that we will pray earnestly for our leaders.

Another set of reflections revolved around the President and the First Lady – they are one of the most striking couples that I have ever seen and they look very much in love. Not goo goo ga ga love, but a love that is deep and true where their is mutual affection, admiration and respect. In a world where we prefer so many things that are disposable, including our marriages, it is refreshing and encouraging.

So, did you have any reflections from today?