Dear Jerry


Dear Jerry Jones:

It was a win and in game and we didn’t win. Today’s game was beyond disappointing and I do hope that you are as saddened as I am by our performance. We have not done well in December since 1996 and to be America’s Team, I truly think that is unacceptable. Our coaching staff and players need their hearts checked because none of them had a heart today and how many more trips down the yellow brick road do we need to take before we admit that we have quite a few cowardly lions on the squad.

There is enough blame to go around and yes there is even some blame for you to shoulder as well. You have not always made the best decisions and prayerfully you will have a gut check moment and realize that it is time to thin out the pride in more ways than one. Our defense has allowed us to stay in the season to the point of the last game thus a lot of problems reside in our lack of offense. Our offensive schemes are known by everyone and until we ran that trick play today, we have been way too predictable. Jason Garrett may have been a great QB coach but let’s be honest, he stinks as an Offensive Coordinator. You pumped up his head and ego with the addition of Assistant Coach to his title but he is in way over his head. Some might say Wade Phillips is the problem but I think you hampered him with the elevation of Jason and that is a blame for you to shoulder. Wade is laid back and in the midst of all of the drama queens on the team, laid back is a good thing.

There are other problems as well, we need to do a better job on special teams, our punting squad needs McBriar back, and we need to stop thinking that Dallas is some sort of rehab center for spoiled, bratty, whiny, crybaby boys and realize that football is a man’s sport. I am pretty tired of us constantly being in state of rebuilding and would like to see our season extend beyond the last regular game of the season.

Bring back the glory and respect that we so rightly deserve. I am sure you are tired of losing as well so first thing you must do is not let the press keep you beholden to those words you uttered the other day. Everyone’s job should be on the chopping block right now and everyone should be worried about whether or not they will be in a blue and silver uniform next year. A few other things that you might consider are:

1) firing Jason Garrett;
2) trading Tony Romo;
3) trading up in the draft to pick up a good QB, please do not hire any more oldtimers like in the past;
4) promising not to hire anymore drama queens.

If you have any other questions or want any more advice, don’t hesitate to contact me.


A Fan of 34 years