Time to make the donuts

It has been hard not to blog but quite frankly the political season was wearing me out. I have been saddenned by what people will believe and the lack of understanding of our country and how government works. But thankfully, it will all be over soon and while I thought of doing NaBloPoMo, I thought better of it being that it creates too much pressure. πŸ™‚

I have been doing some baking and came across the Yeast Baked Donut recipe last year but never got around to making the donuts. Well, that time came on Saturday morning, well actually Friday night as I started them late Friday night.

The kids decided to be helpers but I think they did more eating than helping, I couldn’t blame them.


4 thoughts on “Time to make the donuts”

  1. Your donuts look delicious. I bet one would taste perfect with my coffee right now.
    Thanks for the sweet comment yesterday. Our house is very quiet today without our little dog. The other animals and all the people are quite sure how to act.

  2. Those look fantastic. I put cinnamon and sugar on my toast sometimes. It’s something that I learned to do at a summer camp. I love the perspective of the last photo where the oven can be seen!

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